Tijuana EDC

We are a non-profit organization, experts in bi-national business with over 26 years of experience offering free-of-charge services to companies wishing to establish successful manufacturing operations in Tijuana, Mexico.

Our membership is comprised by over 100 leading firms from both sides of the border, service providers to the industry highly committed with the industrial and economic development of the region.


Contact us, schedule a business seminar, we will gather a group of experts in areas such as accounting, legal, corporate taxes, customs, maquiladora administrative services, and industrial developers to discuss the successful landing of your project.

Tijuana EDC Staff

Adriana Eguía
Tijuana EDC
+52 664. 681.8344 / contact@tijuanaedc.org

Irlanda Gil
Business Development Advisor
Electronics & Automotive
+52 664 681 8344 ext 242 / irlanda@tijuanaedc.org

Sandra Herrera
Membership Executive
+52 664. 681.8344 ext 221 / sandra@tijuanaedc.org

Samahara Valenzuela
Membership Executive
+52 664 6818344 ext 233 / samahara@tijuanaedc.org

Adriana Llorenz
Business Development Advisor
Medical Device
+52 664. 681.8344 ext 223 / AdrianaL@tijuanaedc.org

Diana Fontes
Business Development Advisor
Aerospace and Defense
+52 664. 681.8344 ext 232 / diana@tijuanaedc.org

Gustavo Miranda
Business Development Advisor
Contract Mfg. & Innovation
+52 664 681 8344 ext 226 / gustavo@tijuanaedc.org

Elizabeth Hernández
+52 664. 681.8344 ext 225 / elizabeth@tijuanaedc.org

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