Are you looking for a place abroad to set up your company?

Tijuana is the ideal place for contract manufacturing in Mexico and the perfect destination for your business.

We have 30 years of experience. Contact us to determine what you need and what is best for you and your company.


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Business consulting: We advise investors to carry out all the necessary steps to get properly installed in the region.

Site selection: We provide services for the selection of buildings or industrial parks according to the needs of your company.

Follow up: We keep in touch with you so that you can continue to achieve the goals set at the beginning.

Alliances: We create strategic relations between companies and professionals from different areas to strengthen industrial ties and have support in all the necessary areas.

Initial recruiting support: We get you closer to the experts in employee selection and human resources so that you start hiring personnel.

We provide specialized business consulting and logistics services for companies that are considering to choose contract manufacturing in Mexico to grow


Discover the benefits of manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico:

  1. Strategic location: The city’s geographic location allows a perfect and low cost logistics flow for automotive manufacturing in Mexico.
  2. Competitive costs: Get to know why starting a business in Mexico is even less expensive than China.
  3. Specialized workforce: We tell you why Tijuana has a unique and high-quality workforce for electronics manufacturing in Mexico.
  4. Tax exemption: The maquiladora program turns out to be a great economic plus for foreign companies
  5. CaliBaja: We present you the powerful binational region that generates 3.8 million jobs and promotes the economic development in Mexico.

Business experts

We are excellent connoisseurs of the industrial field worldwide. We have more than 30 years of experience providing free-of-charge consulting services to investment projects in the city of Tijuana, Mexico.

The characteristics of your company demand priority assistance. At Tijuana EDC we study deeply the different industry clusters, the specifications of each one, and how we can adapt the advantages of this city to the particularities of your business.


Become a member

Do you offer professional services in the region? Would you like to have a close relation with the investing companies and other professionals in the city? These options are possible by acquiring our membership.

We will introduce you to business people to keep you in direct contact with them and offer your services before anyone else does. Get to know how to get the benefits that only our organization provides.

1. Facility access
2. Job committees
3. Information meetings
4. Networking

5. International shows
6. Business alliances
7. Global presence

Maquiladoras in Mexico

Business management for your company

At Tijuana EDC, we provide support to help out in the hard task of finding the perfect location to install a manufacturing plant. We know which are the characteristics to consider, and we will guide you to get the necessary benefits to prosper.

We offer consulting, connection and follow up services in order to provide your company with all the requirements to settle properly in a foreign city and take advantage of the business opportunities in Mexico.

We have the information and services you need to select the perfect place to set you up