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Advice on How to Start an Aerospace Manufacturing Company

Do you want to know how to start an aerospace manufacturing company? Like any other business, it requires great effort and consultation from experts like us!
Main topics

Aerospace companies produce new technology used in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. Are you thinking about getting into this business? You will need to work with guidance, structural design, production, and communication methods.

Since you have decided to start your business, you probably know these things. But, there are many other aspects you must consider. Let us talk to you about how to start an aerospace manufacturing company.

  • Competition
    • Defining your competition in the market is the first step to starting any enterprise. To determine your competition, you need to perform a market study. Talk to someone expert in the business and learn as much as possible about it.
  • Define your process or tier
    • Highly important to be part of the supply chain of the aerospace industry, also to be certified by AS9100 and/or NADCAP in order to comply with standard regulations and be able to sell directly to aerospace companies also established in the region.
  • Location
    • After, it would be best if you do good research to find the best location for your business. For example, establishing your company in Mexico instead of the United States means competitive costs and higher quality. More than 45 aerospace and defense companies have chosen Tijuana as home in recent years since the industry has seen significant growth in the last four decades.

So far, they have operated successfully, getting constant material reception and delivery flow because of Tijuana’s strategic location, which allows direct communication with national and international ports and the United States.


What is behind the increase in aerospace companies and maquiladoras in Mexico? The Mexican workforce’s manufacturing, assembly, and processing quality are essential. The United States has high-quality standards, and Mexican manufacturing meets all its requirements successfully.

One reason why aerospace companies choose to settle in Tijuana, Mexico, is because the overall manufacturing, assembly, and shipping costs reduce significantly due to the region’s supply chain, location, and experience.

In addition, the workforce in Mexico is highly specialized in industrial processes, following guidelines and achieving specifications with their ability and talent, but at the same time representing competitive costs for foreign companies.

Since knowing how to start an aerospace manufacturing company, is only the beginning, having a professional team by your side will make the process much easier and more reliable. At the same time, you will follow all steps to keep growing.

At Tijuana EDC, we have more than 30 years of experience providing free-of-charge consulting services to companies considering aerospace manufacturing in Mexico to grow. Contact us and lead your business to success.

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