Analyzing Mexico: Manufacturing industry clusters & benefits

The industrial scenario of each country varies depending on many factors. In Mexico manufacturing industry, these factors are determined by the country’s location, workforce and infrastructure, just to mention a few.

Additionally, production and outcome could drastically change due to the cluster of each company. In Mexico, the general outlook is good, but, undoubtedly, there are stronger industries than others; this is what we will briefly cover here, the aspects of each cluster, as well as their strengths and benefits.

Industries in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries when it comes to foreign investment. Also, there are many clusters that the industry in this country covers. Here, we will focus on the following: medical device, aerospace, automotive, electronics and contract manufacturing.


Medical device

Mexico is the #1 country in medical device manufacturing. It manufactures many types of components that are sent across the world, providing quality to the health sector. Also, Tijuana, Baja California, is said to be the mecca for medical device manufacturing, something that can’t just be ignored by investors.


In the last ten years, the aerospace industry in Mexico has been growing, representing a great source of employment. The Mexican Secretariat of Economy estimates that aerospace manufacturing in Mexico will occupy one of the first 10 places worldwide by 2020.


It is said that if you want automotive quality, you should go to Mexico. The skilled workforce, infrastructure, low cost manufacturing and access to seaports (just to mention a few) are some of the reasons automotive manufacturing in Mexico can provide the best results.


Electronics manufacturing in Mexico guarantees quality, attention to detail and good production flow. For example, the city of Tijuana has the capacity to manufacture 550 million electronic components each month. This can increase your earnings and give better results that any other country or city in the world.

Contract manufacturing

Mexico offers flexible manufacturing solutions like electronic or manual assembly, injection molding, sewing and many more. They do it under international quality standards, so the outcome is guaranteed to be just perfect, providing long-term benefits for foreign investors.

If you want to know more specific details about each industry, contact the experts! At Tijuana EDC, we are ready to guide you.