4th Borderless Business Congress

With a strategic location that provides access to four seaports in the Pacific Ocean, Tijuana is the perfect destiny for automotive manufacturing in Mexico.

Automotive quality

Auto manufacturing in Mexico

In 2013, this cluster had a market, exports and production increase. Considering that Tijuana, Mexico, offers skilled labor and low cost manufacturing in the global market, the region is a great place for auto parts production.
Tijuana has fulfilled the QS-9000 and ISO 9000 quality standards, which is a proof to demonstrate that the city has all the necessary elements to keep the automotive manufacturing in Mexico industry operating with excellent results.

Strategic location

With salaries approximately 40% lower than the United States, and with a workforce of 15,000 employees, Tijuana has become an important place for auto parts and automotive manufacturing in Mexico.
Maquiladoras in Mexico has an strategic location in the region that facilitates the shipment of finished goods in a period of 1-4 days for 90% of the plants in the United States. Tijuana is right across the border from the United States to Mexico. For this reason, it has 2 ports of entry for the crossing of trucks, cars and pedestrians, as well as a terminal that facilitates crossing to the United States right from Tijuana’s international airport.
From truck racks to safety belts, the automotive industry in Tijuana manufactures parts that meet international quality standards

Industrial competitiveness

The automotive industry has shown an increase of 4-5% per year in Baja California. Despite these good results, the local market is focused on improving competitiveness in order to be positioned as one of the best places to invest.
Tijuana has 35 public and private universities and colleges, as well as 186 high schools and secondary schools with technical programs in engineering, science, IT, business and other areas adapted to the contract manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing industries, to mention some.
The companies are relying on the business opportunities of the region, and this is possible to understand because of the bilingual workforce, as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement, among other international agreements.

Quality of life

Tijuana’s forecast allows a favorable and constant industry flow, since most days the temperature is between 55-80°F, with many clear days, which benefits the maquiladoras and automotive manufacturing in Mexico.
The cultural scene of the city promotes art and culture, gastronomy, wine culture and craft beer, factors that encourage foreign investment and starting a business in Mexico
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