4th Borderless Business Congress

Baja California Real Estate is Showcased in “Building Value Thru Better Communities” International Symposium

Main topics

symposiumThe Baja California Real Estate Investment Symposium took place for the first time in the city of Tijuana, gathering experts in real estate development, planning, urban development, sustainability and “Healthy Cities” construction. Attendees included investors, developers, business leaders, landscapers, brokers, constructors, academics, engineering and architecture students as well as members of the general public interested in the prosperous development of the California and Baja California region.

Urban Land Institute of San Diego-Tijuana and Probien Bienes Exclusivos joined the BCREIS organization at the symposium with the goal of promoting sustainable and competitive practices. Study cases focused on regional urban development, construction, real estate and real estate marketing.

The event showcased six keynotes and two discussion panels featuring speakers from London Group, UCSD, Meyers Research, Newland Communities, Alexandria, Cruzan, SGPA, Artha Capital, Sedona Pacific, Keyser Marston, and Rosen Law.

Among keynote speakers was Dr. Jim Sallis, distinguished professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at University of California, San Diego. He is author of more than 600 articles and a public health advisor for different countries.

There is an uptick in San Diegans looking for real estate in Tijuana due to increasing demand in the U.S. for housing. The real estate sector has registered a 20 percent spike last year.

Tijuana´s newest real estate developments include 20 apartment complexes being built in Tijuana’s downtown and downtown area. One of the projects luring California buyers to Baja, is Arboleda, a luxury apartment complex built by the well-regarded construction contracting company SEICA, developers of VIA Corporativo, Mexico’s second LEED-certified building.

San Diego´s home prices and Baja´s quality of live are the reason why Americans are turning toward Baja to solve their real estate needs. San Diego County’s median home price increased 6.2 percent in March, and experienced a 6.4 percent increase in February and a 6.9 percent in January. Los Angeles and Orange counties were also up 6.5 percent.

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