4th Borderless Business Congress

Baja California’s Seaports: Connecting the World

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One of the major benefits of manufacturing in Mexico is its accessibility to the world. Mexico is well connected with over 16,000 miles of railroads that go north to the US, south to Guatemala, west to the Pacific Ocean and east to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Mexico shares 1,864 miles of border with the US, in which there are 52 access points between the US and Mexico.

In addition, Mexico has 59 international airports, 16 international seaports and more than 176,000 miles of highways – allowing for the expedited arrival and departure of goods.

Baja California is home to five of the international seaports, four on the Pacific Coast and one on the Sea of Cortez.

  • Isla de Cedros. This port serves to disembark mineral salt dispatched to Japan – an annual load of approximately 14M tons.
  • Port of Ensenada. The port with the highest commercial activity in the national Pacific, the Port of Ensenada supports Tijuana manufacturing by enabling companies to conduct import and export activities with countries such as China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Japan, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia, the US, Venezuela and more – with its entrance to the Pacific Basin.
  • Port of Rosarito. Located 12 miles south of the US border, this port serves as a terminal for oil products.
  • San Felipe Port. Located on the Sea of Cortes, 124 miles south of the US border, this port is used for fishing and tourist activities.
  • Sauzal de Rodriguez Port. Located 6 miles north of Ensenada, this port serves as the terminal for cabotage and to develop industrial and trading activities through the transportation of semi-finished products. This port is adjacent to an industrial park for the manufacturing of finished goods.

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