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Baja Investments in Tijuana: The Industrial Market Behavior

Do you want reliable information about Baja investments in Tijuana and its industrial market behavior? Keep reading and get the information you look for.
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Tijuana is usually known for the cultural and gastronomical attributes it gives to locals, as well as tourists and all the people who decide to visit the city. In recent years, craft beer, wine production, restaurants, and street food have gathered the world’s attention because of their daring proposals, outstanding flavors, and unique perspectives.

But that is just a part of what the city represents. For more than 30 years, Tijuana has worked hard in order to make its way and become one of the top cities in the world for industrial investment and manufacturing. Therefore, we would like to take advantage of the opportunity and talk about Baja investments in Tijuana & the industrial market behavior of this city and region.

Investing in Tijuana: reasons to do it

Baja California is a prolific region, and part of it is due to its excellent location: it is situated in the northwest of Mexico, south of the border with California in the United States. Tijuana is San Diego’s neighbor: they both share the same ocean and are just minutes away from each other. This great geographical spot has given place to a great number of investors, who decided to place their operations here in order to get its wonderful benefits.

A shared border with the U.S. is just part of it, as Tijuana (and, therefore, Baja) also offers benefits such as three international airports (one in the city and two nearby), proximity to four seaports, advanced infrastructure, enough space for industrial parks and buildings, and guaranteed services for companies, just to mention a few. They ensure long-term stability and good manufacturing results, compared to those carried out in other cities or countries.

Manufacturing industry & Baja’s market behavior

The manufacturing industry in Mexico stands out because of the competitiveness it represents. The maquiladora scheme is a program focused on investment: it benefits foreign companies so that the advantages of moving an industrial plant to another city or country surpass the possible “risks”. In Tijuana, it is even better because of the government collaboration and agreements.


During the second quarter of 2019, the metropolitan region of Tijuana, Tecate, and Rosarito showed a positive absorption and an increase of 615% in comparison with the same quarter of 2018. As for the origin of investments, 45.5% was made by Mexico, followed by the United States with 36.4% of the total. The main investment sectors were logistics and electronics.

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