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Benefits of using a Staffing Agency to recruit engineers

Recruiters in any staffing agency are also excellent matchmakers, your company cannot go without one to ensure the right fit between you and the engineer needed.
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If you’re not finding the engineering candidates you want on your own, it may be because they’re already working with specialized recruiters. An engineering staffing agency knows how to meet the unique needs of both engineers and the companies that hire them.

Recruiters are also excellent matchmakers, ensuring the right fit between an engineer and a company.

To find top-tier engineering candidates who are already vetted and ready to work, consider contacting Tijuana EDC about the staff recruitment partners in their network. Our team works in a Binational Region between Tijuana and San Diego, coming to a strong relationship between California, USA, and Baja California, Mexico.

Why is Tijuana a good option for talent acquisition of engineers?

There are +14,000 students enrolled in engineering and technical programs. The best part is that public and private universities on both sides of the border help every graduate keep updating their knowledge to solve any future challenges.

There are +1,400 annual graduates from Engineering, and the ecosystem in the Binational region allows for a bilingual predisposition to have better communication with the whole team.

Technical skills desired in your workforce can better be taken care of in the Binational ecosystem developing successful alliances between educational institutions and the business community. You can find benefits of it in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.

Greater collaboration between regional universities, international universities, community colleges, and technical schools allows the government and the private sector to create, attract and retain the workforce necessary to meet the industry’s needs.

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Making several effective investment decisions involves thousands of people. Therefore, we know that our commitment to provide the best to investors must coordinate business intelligence actions, promotion, linkage, and networking, so that ecosystem partners and investors want to continue expanding in the region.

Tijuana EDC is the destination to achieve effective investment decisions. With important international ecosystem activity, strategic alliances, and signed agreements, we keep updated on the economic development of the industries.

Build a solution-based present with a trusted ecosystem looking into the future. Contact us today!

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