Our organization promotes business opportunities in Mexico and the investment in Tijuana, due to all the benefits it represents

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The business opportunity you were looking for

We are a non-profit organization expert in international businesses. We provide free-of-charge services to foreign companies that are looking for business opportunities in Mexico to successfully expand their operations.

We promote the economic development and foreign investment in Mexico. We have more than 30 years of experience offering a global business network, strategic alliances, professional promotion systems and methodology, specialized committees, and business intelligence.

We facilitate the process of foreign investment for manufacturing

  1. We manage your investment project
  2. We explain the complete process to setting up legally and correctly
  3. We look for the ideal location to meet the specifications of your project
  4. We bring you closer to the team of professionals that will help you in the various aspects that are required to invest in another country
  5. We connect your company with the three levels of government
  6. We advise and clarify any doubt


At Tijuana EDC, we want to get close to the investing companies to help them gather all the needed requirements to set up in the city of Tijuana, Mexico


Success within your reach

We will guide your way to success

We are interested in letting the companies realize the potential they can achieve by believing in our country. Creating new companies in Mexico benefits business owners, as well as the community, since stable jobs are created.

In this way, the specialized workforce and the Mexican talent find the opportunity to show their abilities, benefitting the companies as well. That is why we advise, guide and connect the investors with the appropriate people and the essential keys to succeed.

The medical cluster has taken advantage of the city’s elements with medical device manufacturing in Mexico.


A city filled with possibilities

Get to know what it means to be, work and live in Tijuana

Our team will be informed of your needs, your company challenges and, of course, how to solve them so that you can keep up with the administrative processes of starting a business in Mexico without risking your company’s growth.

In this region, there are dozens of companies that have contacted us to set up in Tijuana, and that are currently success stories. We are prepared to share our vision with you. The region, the people and its elements are ready for every need an industry is seeking to satisfy.

The possibilities for aerospace manufacturing or automotive manufacturing in Mexico are very promising.

Tijuana EDC es una asociación civil con presencia en el extranjero. Los inversionistas que nos conocen saben que brindamos confianza y transparencia

The ideal place to get installed

We stay with you to keep guiding you

We connect you: Tijuana EDC has a directory of professionals in many areas, such as legal, administrative, financial, customs and more, to help you out in the process.

Follow up: Since the moment you decide to explore the option of investing in Mexico, Tijuana EDC will be in touch with you to know your needs.

Good relationship with your company: To make sure everything is in the right track, we keep a channel open so that you can contact us as soon as you have any doubt or wish to consult us again.


EDC Partnership

All contacts at your disposal

At Tijuana EDC, we also offer solutions for the professionals in the region. Since we are always contacting new investing projects, becoming a partner guarantees direct and priority contact with them.

By investing in your business, you will receive the multiple benefits of associating with EDC.

The maquiladoras in Mexico will identify you as a reliable business, and the relationship with them will generate advantages for both.

We are the business experts that can guide your way to a successful operation in Tijuana, Mexico