CaliBaja manufacturing: Get to know this great mega region



If you’re involved in the industrial business, you’ve probably heard of CaliBaja manufacturing and all its attractive features for locals and foreign investors. If you haven’t, you need to be familiar with it, since its potential improves the economy of the region. Let’s talk more about it.

CaliBaja is named like that because it is made up by two regions: California (in the United States) and Baja California (in Mexico). For those who aren’t familiar with these places, they are adjacent to each other, sharing one of the most famous borders in the world.

The idea of forming this mega region was to strengthen it by promoting its industrial sector. It is mainly comprised by San Diego and Imperial in the US, which is a great thing because they are the counties that seek better results in technology and engineering, among other topics.

Manufacturing in CaliBaja

Science, technology, research and innovation are some of the most important goals for CaliBaja. They promote them and continuously seek new talent to enrich knowledge and apply it. The industry of this region becomes benefitted by this strategy, resulting in economic growth, as well as better infrastructure and quality of life.

There are many companies settled in CaliBaja. The reasons to be part of this are many, such as location, talent, skilled workforce, technology and more. For example, the geographic location of CaliBaja is perfect for any type of company, since it allows fast connection with the world and a convenient weather.

Tijuana: part of CaliBaja

The city of Tijuana, although famous for its cliché features, has become one of the best cities to invest: foreign companies are comparing the benefits they could get here, so the final decision is always settling here. As an industrial city, Tijuana is part of CaliBaja and the joint cooperation that will keep gaining power and growth.

Tijuana EDC: CaliBaja advisors

Now that you’re familiar with CaliBaja manufacturing, you’re ready to learn more about Tijuana’s industrial environment.

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