4th Borderless Business Congress

Conference about Trending Binational Innovation and Start-Up Activities

Sean Randolph presented Trending Binational Innovation and Start-Up Activities found by the BayArea Council Economic Institute. Learn more about it.
Main topics

At the 2nd Borderless Business Congress, Sean Randolph presented Trending Binational Innovation and Start-Up Activities found by the BayArea Council Economic Institute, all while creating the report “Southern Connection: Innovation Clusters in Mexico and the Bridge to the Silicon Valley”, which was produced to find ways on how the relationship with Mexico could complement Silicon Valley’s innovative capabilities.

Talking about the findings in the report

Sean Randolph is the Senior Director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. The report was created and was able to be shared with the attendants in the Borderless Business Congress.


The findings of the report on innovation in Mexico and how that connects to Silicon Valley and the opportunities that represent showed the potential of four Mexican states and Mexico City. All the listed Mexican cities connect to investment and technology partners in the United States and other global parts of the world, which are helpful for growth.
“Mexico’s national economy is the 2nd largest in Latin America and the 15th largest in the world.”

The country is moving towards opportunities to strengthen economic ties, especially in key places like Tijuana. Thus, directing their energy and focus in the right direction, though it may be a long way to go due to perceptions of risk in the innovativeness of products.

What people view Mexico as in the United States is much narrower than it should be. People often think in terms of resorts or beaches or immigration or other issues, but they don’t think of Mexico as a source of innovation and a source of technology, and talent.

The main goal of the report

The goal of this project has been to broaden the perception people in California and Silicon Valley have about Mexico, providing a new light to any potential investor as the global environment with China and Asia changes. The scope of the Bay Areas’ relationship with Mexico is expanding to include technology and R&D and a focus on start-ups. This is an early stage.

Beyond manufacturing, U.S. companies are finding a large base of engineering talent that can be harnessed for sales, customer support, nearshore IT, media, and R&D. The opportunity here is to find ways to raise the profiles of California and Mexico in Silicon Valley, to kind of pick up and project these positive transit. To capitalize on a supply chain that is being reorganized globally as we speak and capitalize on the interests of investors.

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