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Contact Centers, a Growing Industry in Mexico

Mexico call centers

Motiva Contact Center has extended its service agreement for a third year with a global manufacturer of premium high-performance tires that reported revenues of more than $5 billion in 2015. Motiva will continue to provide customer service and assist callers from anywhere in the US by providing follow-up to warranty claims, product information store availability, and nearest locations for customers.

From the start of this partnership, Motiva has been very helpful in overcoming some of the challenges and shortcomings that the company’s support operation was having. Not only did Motiva improve service levels and reduce abandonment rates, they provided tools for monitoring agent’s performance and developed much needed content for training and quality assurance.

Over the past two years, Motiva has improved the customer experience – increasing user satisfaction levels 85 to 96 percent. This was achieved through the use of real-time monitoring tools and better staffing practices. Another metric improved by Motiva is a decrease in call abandonment from 15 to 4 percent which means that more customers received the help they needed in a timely way.

The key factor in the success of the partnership are the Motiva agents at the front of the service. Motiva’s agents are highly trained and very skilled in navigating through all the different tools at their disposal. Their proficiency level with English and customer service is excellent along with their commitment to effectively addressing customers’ needs seamlessly as if they are part of the company’s in-house customer service department.

Motiva’s leadership team also has played a key role in walking the client through the entire implementation process and contributing valuable best practices that have helped make the transition as seamless as possible.

Hundreds of companies are choosing Tijuana´s call centers for customer service subcontracting. They found a mature industry comprised by over 20 companies with bilingual trained agents, that provide customer with a better experience at the phone with high quality, shorter waiting time, and at a lower cost than having an in-site service. Besides the number of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) units within manufacturing companies is unknown, though they are a rising trend.

Campaigns handled by Tijuana´s call centers include customer service, market research, sales, debt collection among others.

A study developed by KPMG revealed Mexico offers costs 46 percent lower than in the US for entry-level administration staff and customer service employees.

About Motiva: Motiva Contact Center is a near-shore call center located in Tijuana, Mexico that offers a cost-effective outsourcing service that allows US companies to achieve significant cost savings and to deliver a seamless customer service experience.