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The 150+ contract manufacturing companies in Tijuana include services like design, 3D printing and prototyping for large scale projects and startups

The ideal subcontract

Contract manufacturing solutions in Mexico

The requirements of each company vary depending on their needs. Tijuana EDC has over 30 years of experience promoting the economic development in Mexico and providing business relations and management services so that foreign investment can meet its expectations.
The industrial scenario for contract manufacturing in Baja California is one of the most suitable for foreign investment in Mexico. Tijuana specifically offers a professional and qualified workforce.
More than 20,000 employees make up this cluster, where quality standards set by foreign companies are met.

Manufacturing in Tijuana

Tijuana’s industry offers flexible manufacturing solutions under international quality standards, as well as low cost manufacturing and a workforce located on the Pacific coast.
The strategic location of the city is key to receive and deliver materials on time, whether by land, sea or air.
The following are some of the contract manufacturing solutions carried out in Tijuana:
More than 100 companies have come to Tijuana to obtain contract manufacturing solutions, with the quality and effort implied by the Mexican workforce.

A city prepared for the industry

The workforce is qualified in many administrative, engineering and manufacturing areas, such as automotive, electronics and medical devices. Local universities prepare students with programs adapted to the industry, generating a talent field for work.
With the benefits of having a bilingual workforce, as well as with the North American Free Trade Agreement, among other international agreements, it is possible to understand why companies are starting a business in Mexico and betting on this region.

The maquiladora scheme

For foreign companies, deciding to install maquiladoras in Mexico is a long-term investment because of the numerous benefits this program offers.
The exemption of taxes and duties, reduction of payment of rights, subsidies, international competitiveness and savings in investment and general expenses are some of the benefits received by the maquiladora program in the city of Tijuana.
The former is the result of many efforts to implement the industry in the city.
Contract manufacturing services in Tijuana have evident and long-term benefits for foreign companies