Contract Manufacturing Meaning and Some Tijuana Examples


Manufacturing in another country has many benefits for any foreign investor. But if we want to do it successfully, we need to know the market as well as how the industry works in certain cities or countries. Here, we will talk about the Contract Manufacturing meaning and mention the benefits of manufacturing in an industrial city like Tijuana.

Manufacturing Industries & Services

There are many types of manufacturing industries. Medical device, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries are some of the main ones in Tijuana and the world. Each one specializes in specific products and processes. For example, the medical device industry assembles feeding tubes, pacemakers, orthopedic devices and intravenous bands, just to mention a few of the wide variety of important devices that are sent around the world to improve the health of people.

Contract manufacturing is a bit different. Since it does not specialize in a type of product per se, many people get confused about the things companies are supposed to assemble or fabricate. To understand this, let’s give a proper definition.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is a type of industry in which a company decides to outsource a part or the complete manufacturing process they carry out in the original country. This is done because sending the production to a third party usually represents fewer costs and better quality of finished goods among many other benefits.

Third parties that offer these services are usually specialized in specific processes, which makes it better for foreign companies. They no longer have to invest in machinery or in training their employees, they just send that part of the production to someone else.

Manufacturing in Tijuana

The contract manufacturing industry in Tijuana offers great options for foreign companies that wish to get specific pieces or complete processes or products. These are some of the solutions that Tijuana’s industry offers in relation to contract manufacturing:

  • Electronics assembly
  • Metal mechanics
  • Plastics
  • Manual assembly
  • Sewing
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Metal finishing
  • Product integration
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace production

Since Tijuana is one of the cities that offer the best workforce in the world, contract manufacturing here also means improving quality at a lower cost. If you are interested in asking about the services companies in Tijuana provide, we will gladly help you. At Tijuana EDC, we have the necessary information for you to know more about the industry in the city and the contract manufacturing environment and opportunities.