Contract manufacturing: what is manufactured in Mexico?


At some point, all manufacturing companies must consider the opportunity to set up a factory in another country. Do you want to know what is manufactured in Mexico? If you are wondering this, it’s because you would like to know if this is the place for you. Let us tell you everything you need to know.

Mexican capabilities

The workforce, infrastructure and other opportunities make foreign investment in Mexico a great choice for any company. In recent years, nearshoring has become an essential requirement when looking for a place abroad. The enterprises that have done this have received many benefits with this great decision.

Mexico is not only an option but an opportunity. The maquiladoras in Mexico provide contract manufacturing solutions beyond imagination. The following are some of the products manufactured in the country:

  1. Aerospace production
    Mexico assembles and manufactures small and big pieces for the aerospace industry. There are some cities that even build up the whole aerospace product, as the reliability on the Mexican workforce grows, as well as the general outlook for this cluster.
  2. Medical devices
    Mexico is perhaps the best place for medical device manufacturing in the world. Aspects such as low cost manufacturing, skilled workforce and technology contribute to the economic development of the country and its production and quality results. Mexico has demonstrated its capacity by reaching the first place for medical device production in the world.
  3. Electronics
    The diversity and amount of electronics that can be manufactured in Mexico may surprise foreign investors. Tijuana is great example of this: around 120 companies have set up in the city to fabricate electronic devices like cell phones, printed circuit boards, headphones and other components.
  4. Plastics
    The market demand for plastics can be satisfied by Mexico’s powerful workforce. All kinds of plastic products are manufactured in this country. Some foreign companies have decided to dedicate themselves to design, prototyping, 3D printing and assembly of plastics, providing a wide range of choices to create a product.

As you can see, Mexico is a country ready to meet all the requirements for products manufacturing. If you want to receive whitepapers with numbers and facts, contact Tijuana EDC, experts in the economic development of Mexico.