4th Borderless Business Congress

The manufacturing environment of the Binational Region is optimal for companies that are looking for a region of growth and economic potential

A combined market:

7.1 million inhabitants and $255 million dollars

This is a Binational Mega Region comprised of the state of Baja California, in Mexico, and Southern California, in the United States. This strategy started in 2008 with the purpose of forming a society that would focus on the promotion of the industrial sector for the economic development in Mexico and the United States.
The Binational Region comprises Baja California, San Diego County and Imperial County in California. It has more than 90 universities and colleges and more than 3.8 million jobs.
The mega region seeks the cooperation between these two borders and their neighboring states. The business opportunities in Mexico are enriched by the elements of a region like the Binational Region.

Joint cooperation

The strength of the Binational Region resides in the vast resources and opportunities that it has, as well as in the cooperation provided by the two regions. There is a commitment to collaborate and encourage the growth of industry, research, economic development in Mexico and California.

It is a dynamic border that generates a strategy to boost the economic growth, which at the same time leads to greater opportunities for innovation, research, technology, science, industry and a prosperous place for foreign investment in Mexico.
By investing in the Binational Region, you are also receiving access to an infrastructure that contributes to the logistics of your company, just as the maquiladoras in Mexico do.
The binational cooperation between California and Baja California generates an economic land filled with potential for growth and competent for development

1. Quality of life

Tijuana is a privileged region, not only in Mexico but also globally. Its landscapes, touristic places, gastronomy, geography, natural phenomena and cultural movement have drawn the attention of the whole world. The city has become an emerging place of unrepeatable cultural and social manifestations
The touristic increase in recent years in Tijuana —the #1 city for aerospace manufacturing in Mexico and low cost manufacturing— is not simply random. This multicultural border enriches the lifestyle of its inhabitants, which has resulted in a boom of new businesses for the entertainment of everyone.

2. Gastronomy

From taco street stalls to haute cuisine restaurants, food trucks and the famous Caesar’s salad, Tijuana’s cuisine offers a refreshing and daring taste to diners in any city.
Tijuana has more than 3,000 restaurants. In them, the recipes and type of cuisine varies widely. The Baja Med style is a gastronomic concept created in Tijuana.
Tijuana even ranked number eight in the list of 52 places to visit in 2017 published by the New York Times, and it has been two consecutive years the best place to vacation according to the World Travel Awards.

3. Beer and wine

Tijuana’s craft beer has gained ground in the national market, but also in the tourism of the region. The breweries in Tijuana no longer only sell national beverages, but each brand creates its product, making excellent flavored and quality beers.
Likewise, Valle de Guadalupe is an almost mandatory destination for tourists and locals due to the quality of its wines. The vineyards of Baja California produce approximately 90% of the national wine.

4. Art and culture

The city is recognized for the events that are organized frequently in different parts of the city. It has museums, art and theater halls; the Tijuana Cultural Center is one of its main attractions for both locals and foreigners, since it reunites all the artistic disciplines in a single venue.
Music festivals, art, gastronomy, beer and book fairs are celebrated almost every month in Tijuana, with a considerable number of attendees in each. Much of the population’s activities revolve around culture and art.

5. Medical services

Since Tijuana is a city adjacent to the US border, people from all over the world come to the city looking for a medical alternative that improves and helps in the enhancement of electronics manufacturing in Mexico.
Tijuana stands out for its medical service, as it is accessible and the care is more than adequate. Therefore, in recent years medical tourism has strengthened and even increased, as more foreign people come to request a service.

6. Weather

The weather of the Binational Region is friendly. The temperature is between 55 to 80°F throughout the year.
Starting a business in Mexico means you can have 329 clear days in a year that will allow you to keep a workflow without interruptions or setbacks for your contract manufacturing solutions.
Only the city of Tijuana can offer you the best manufacturing options and a promising lifestyle