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Electronics Manufactured in Mexico: Discover the Advantages

Electronics manufactured in Mexico are gaining ground in the global market. Learn about the country's advanced technology and other benefits in this article.
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Mexico has become a strategic participant in the electronics industry, with a wide range of products manufactured there.

And above all the big cities in the country, Tijuana, located just across the border from San Diego, has seen significant growth in this sector in recent years, with many renowned companies establishing manufacturing operations there.

Why exactly?

This article will discuss electronics manufactured in Mexico and why Tijuana is an excellent destination if you are interested in business opportunities abroad.

The secret behind Tijuana’s success


Tijuana’s electronics manufacturing sector is expanding rapidly, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the city will continue to be a top destination for foreign investment in the industry.
One of the main reasons for Tijuana’s success is its strategic location.

The city is just a short distance from major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego, which makes it easy for companies to transport their products to U.S. consumers. This proximity also allows companies to take advantage of just-in-time inventory practices, which can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Another factor driving the growth of the electronics industry in Tijuana is the local talent. The city has a large pool of engineers and technicians trained in various specialized areas, such as software development, product design, and manufacturing processes.

This expertise has made Tijuana a hub for cutting-edge technology, and many multinational companies have established their plants in the city to take advantage of its highly skilled workforce.

The future of the electronics industry in Tijuana and Mexico looks bright.

With over $71 billion of electronics products exported yearly, Mexico has cemented its participation in the global electronics market. The United States is the largest recipient of these exports, with over 85% of electronics products shipped to the country. In addition, nine out of the world’s top ten electronics companies have chosen to set up manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

On the other hand, Mexico’s electronics manufacturing sector has become the second-largest U.S. exporter due to its competitive production fees, excellent logistics, and investment opportunities.

However, a lesser-known fact is that major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Mexico need more reliable and established domestic suppliers. Notably, Mexican exports to the U.S. contain 40% American content or expertise, while Chinese exports comprise only 4%.

Is Tijuana ready to receive more foreign investment?

Despite having more than 180 companies dedicated to the manufacturing and assembly of electronics, Tijuana still has one million square meters available to welcome new enterprises to the cluster, as well as other contract manufacturing solutions.

Besides, with the Mexican government’s commitment to promoting the industry’s growth and investing in the necessary infrastructure and education, the future of electronics manufacturing in Mexico looks bright.

Here, at Tijuana EDC, we seek foreign companies with a vision for growth and wish to reap the benefits of the geography, effort, competitive-cost manufacturing, and logistics that this place can offer.

Electronics manufactured in Mexico is a fantastic business opportunity. Contact us today and find the guidance you need to take your company to the next level.

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