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With a production of more than 19 million televisions per year, Tijuana is one of the most promising destinations for electronics manufacturing in Mexico.

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Tijuana has various contract manufacturing solutions, such as an aerospace factory and a medical device factory in Mexico.
National and global leaders in the following industries
Outstanding production

Electronics manufacturing in Mexico

The electronics industry in Mexico, Tijuana, is located south of California, right on the border with San Diego.
Only 500 miles from Silicon Valley, the Tijuana environment offers effectiveness, speed and excellent results due to the experience in electronics manufacturing.
More than 120,000 employees form a powerful workforce that has resulted in the positioning of Tijuana in the first places of electronics production globally.

Television manufacturers

Due to the importance of TV production in Baja California, the State Government created the Program for the Development of Visualization Devices in the Regional Industry in order to increase the competitiveness of the electronic industry.
Tijuana has 122 companies dedicated to the assembly, production and manufacture of electronic devices, from printed circuit boards, cell phones and headphones, to components for aerospace, medical device and automotive manufacturing.

Government incentives

The local, state and federal governments work together with the maquiladora industry to reach agreements that result in benefits for the investing companies, the maquiladoras in Mexico and the economic development of the country in general.
For example, the Baja Care program started in 2009, with the purpose of offering a series of options to industries. With this, the goal is to encourage foreign investment and facilitate expansion projects in the state.
These incentives and joint work result in benefits that can hardly be found in the same way in another city or country, promoting the option of starting a business in Tijuana in maquiladoras in Mexico.


Although Tijuana shelters more than 180 companies dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of electronics, the city has available space to continue opening the door to new companies of the cluster, as well as other contract manufacturing solutions.
The city’s infrastructure is prepared enough for the industrial area. The total industrial space of Tijuana is 69.3 million ft², of which 3.7 million ft² is available.
We are still looking for more foreign companies with the vision to grow and receive the multiple benefits of geography, effort, low cost manufacturing and logistics that this place can offer.
Tijuana has all the necessary elements for a foreign company to succeed in the area of electronics manufacturing in Mexico.