Five good reasons to consider offshore manufacturing Mexico


When it comes to business and foreign investment, you could say that offshoring is becoming the trend. Each day, more and more companies are choosing other countries to grow their businesses, hoping to receive a better outcome in general.

And, indeed, this practice usually offers a reduction of costs for the company and an increased quality in products. Since at Tijuana EDC we focus on the economic promotion and development of Tijuana, we will like to talk about the benefits and give you five good reasons why you should consider this city for offshore manufacturing Mexico.

Tijuana: offshoring benefits

  1. Location
    Probably, the best feature of Tijuana for foreign investment is the perfect location. Situated in the Northwestern shore of Mexico, it shares one of the most visited borders of the world with the United States. It also has access to four seaports, facilitating the products reception or materials shipment across the world.
  2. Infrastructure
    Mexico may be a third world country, but the infrastructure it has is way above average and can meet the investors expectations. All the basic services for a company are guaranteed; highways are near the factories to reach other states and delivery points; 3.7 million ft² are available for new companies that decided to set up their businesses here.
  3. Government incentives
    In Tijuana, factories become maquiladoras, with all the benefits it includes. When you are part of this program, you don’t pay taxes or duties for temporarily imported materials used for manufacturing. Besides, there are local and state benefits added to the ones that already exist.
  4. Workforcefive-good-reasons-to-consider-offshore-manufacturing-mexicoMexican workforce is, undoubtedly, the best; they are skilled and willing to give the best effort to reach international standards. Also, their salary is what determines the total cost difference between Mexico and other countries.
  5. CaliBaja
    Last but not least, Tijuana is a part of the CaliBaja region, a high technology hub with a joint cooperation for economic growth and potential. It is comprised by the state of Baja California and the counties of San Diego and Imperial in California.

These are definitely five good reasons to consider offshore manufacturing Mexico; if you want to know more specific details, contact us. At Tijuana EDC, we are foreign investment experts ready to advise you.