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Foreign direct investment and nearshoring opportunities in a Binational Region

Is it possible to have a Trusted Ecosystem for your Foreign direct investment and nearshoring opportunities in a Binational Region? Yes, learn more about it here!
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When talking about foreign direct investment and nearshoring opportunities, Tijuana EDC becomes the best option in Mexico, being the only one accredited by the AEDO (Accredited Economic Development Organization) in the country; showing that we have the experience necessary to guide you in the investment opportunities of Tijuana.

There are many advantages to choosing a Mexican manufacturer for your product:

  • Lower price point than their American counterparts
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Strong commitment to safety and environmental standards
  • A long history of providing excellent customer service

Mexico’s management of the Manufacturing Supply Chain

The Mexican government has taken steps to address the issues of costs, risks, and resilience in the manufacturing supply chain. These include the creation of a National Industrial Development Strategy (NID), which aims to improve competitiveness by promoting innovation and creating new jobs. In addition, the NID includes a focus on improving the quality of life of citizens through increased access to education and healthcare.

Manufacturing productions have been providing high-quality products. Their engineers are very talented, and they offer many services, such as cable assembly, harness assembly, and even turnkey boxes.

Tijuana’s strong Binational relationship with San Diego benefits


The Mexican local and federal governments invest in pushing the excellence of educational programs for its citizens in both private and public schools. These programs allow people to learn skills that are needed for jobs in the future.

We have seen Tijuana as a city integrated into a Binational Region, providing an interrelation with San Diego, California, which affects medium and long-term economic development on both sides of the border. Tijuana EDC has seen how manufacturing clusters, infrastructure, and good relationships with educational institutions have been built over these years.

All of the efforts combined give your company better odds to have all the support you need to plan for the future.

The Mexican economy continues to expand and strengthen its competitiveness. In addition, the country has made significant progress in terms of infrastructure development, which will allow companies to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Strengthening the internationalization of business and its supply chains

The US is currently the largest market for Mexican exports, accounting for $1.2 billion in 2017. But the trade deficit between the two countries was nearly $60 billion last year. Mexico exported $50 billion in more goods to the U.S. than the U.S. exported to Mexico in 2016. That means that if we want to reduce the trade deficit, we should focus on increasing imports from Mexico.

While trying to enter an unknown market like Mexico might look difficult, putting your trust in Tijuana EDC is easier than expected. With our great team and long portfolio of the needed contacts for any company; the high-quality manufacturing in Tijuana becomes available for a larger number of companies.

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