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We facilitate establishing your manufacturing operation every step of the way . Tijuana EDC offers site selection assistance at no cost, including liaison services with Federal, State and local government agencies for available incentives programs that provide financial assistance or tax exemptions for industrial projects.

For companies considering relocating or expanding manufacturing operations in Tijuana, both state and local governments offer comprehensive incentives not only for green field projects, but also for expansions, workforce training, supply chain development, and innovation programs.

Below are some of the incentive programs offered to companies looking to manufacture in Tijuana.

Baja California State Government Incentives for Foreign Investment

The state of Baja California offers a portfolio of incentives to foster new companies and boost the competitiveness of established industry. Companies may submit a project to the  Secretariat of Economic Development, either directly or through legal representatives in the case of companies operating under shelter programs.

The Baja Care program was initiated in 2009 with the following objectives:

  • To foster new foreign investment
  • To facilitate expansion projects
  • To support the long-term viability of investment projects
  • To boost research and innovation in the State through funds for new technology and software development
  • To strengthen the local supply chain

City of Tijuana Incentives

The city of Tijuana through its Economic Development Secretariat (SEDETI), offers grants and tax exemptions to companies investing in the acquisition of land, leasing of manufacturing facilities or construction projects for expansion.

  • Tax Incentives– From 25% to 75% of savings on city taxes, applicable for Property Tax and Property Acquisition Tax. Final percentages are subject to conditions such as total investment, job creation, educational partnership programs, development of new technologies, innovation programs, environmental programs and wastewater reuse.

Non fiscal Incentives -Depending on the project and according to applicable regulations the City of Tijuana offers support for:

  • The sale, exchange, or leasing of industrial properties at competitive prices
  • Donation or bailment agreements
  • Concessions
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