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How Are Maquiladoras Similar to Sweatshops Around the World?

Some factories do not have the best reputation when we talk about working conditions. This has lead people to encompass all plants in the same category and believe they are all the same. How are maquiladoras similar to sweatshops around the world? Here, we will point out the differences between these two type of factories, and learn why they do not function under the same conditions or if they are completely different. Keep reading.

What Is a Sweatshop?

A sweatshop or sweat factory is a workplace in which employees receive low wages while working long hours in unsafe and even unhealthy conditions. A sweater was the person who underpaid employees to perform this kind of job. The term sweatshop started to be used in the 1880s; during that time, the United Stated and Europe started to receive waves of immigrants that provided cheap labor in this type of factories, especially in London and New York.

Because of this, during the 19th and 20th century, sweat factories gained ground. Employers exploited women and children who worked at their sweatshops and did not provide social security or any other guarantees of compensation.

Today, despite laws and regulations that seek better working opportunities and an appropriate environment for people around the world, sweatshops still exist. But are maquiladoras the same as sweat factories?

What Is a Maquiladora?

how-are-maquiladoras-similar-to-sweatshops-around-the-worldA maquiladora is a manufacturing company in Mexico where workers assemble or fabricate different types of products. They started around the 1960s and exist until today with some changes in the structure of workplace.

Unlike sweatshops, a maquiladora company has the proper facilities so that workers carry out their job without feeling crowded or being under degrading conditions. The Mexican government is in charge of the regulations of these types of companies, and they make sure all rules of safety are being followed for the well-being of employees and the sake of the plant.

Maquiladoras Are Not Sweatshops

It is not uncommon to think that all factories are the same. But when talking about sweatshops, unfortunately, we must acknowledge that there is an awful environment in which workers are forced to carry out their jobs. Around the world, there are still many sweatshops, especially in countries from Asia, most of them dedicated to the clothing industry.

The manufacturing industry in Mexico is different; the working conditions are suitable and safe for workers and they always provide social security benefits for all employees. Companies should always seek decent working conditions and constant improvements in the company. In Mexico, you can make sure all maquiladoras comply with the law and do not have the same structure of sweatshops. If you want more information about this matter, contact us at Tijuana EDC.