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How Many Biotech Companies Are in California? Data and Facts

Baja California has become a top biotechnology destination. Check how many Biotech companies are in California and the facts about this growing industry.
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Mexico is the 17th country with the most Biotechnology businesses worldwide and among the top 10 suppliers of Biotech products to the United States.

Many companies have decided to establish their plants in our country, especially in Baja California, due to favorable Biotech research and development conditions and thanks to its qualified human capital and specialized universities, research centers, and laboratories.

Also, maquiladoras in Mexico have business opportunities in many national and international markets thanks to high-level capabilities and contract manufacturing solutions compared to other countries.

Do you know how many Biotech companies are in California? As the #1 biotechnology cluster in the United States, there are over 3,000 biotechnology companies and over 14,000 biomedical facilities in California, with 55 billion dollars in biomedical exports.

San Diego: National Biotech Cluster

With over 80 research institutes, San Diego is considered the top National Biotech Cluster in the United States and an epicenter for its world-renowned life sciences industry. Its companies are up for collaboration with other institutions to drive regional economic growth and innovation.

The city is part of a Binational Mega Region made up of Southern California, in the United States, and Baja California, in Mexico. These sister cities’ geographic, economic, and cultural connections make the region rich in industry support services.

In addition, the biotechnology scenario in Baja California adds to San Diego’s biotechnology advantages. For example, there are 660 companies in Mexico, of which 150 are from Baja California and focused on advanced biotechnology.

Baja California: A Growing Biotechnology Destination

Located in southern California, Baja California has become a biotechnology destination because the region has borne fruit in researching and developing solutions to problems related to natural sciences, chemistry, engineering, and industry. Likewise, the proximity to the United States has boosted the region’s industrial, economic, and business growth.

In the state, there are over 4,000 researchers in the field of biotechnology and agricultural sciences. There are also important biotech institutions such as CICESE, Bioeconomic Cluster, Algas Pacific, and UNAM Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center, among others.


These institutions are dedicated to research in the region regarding the application of stem cells in different diseases, the production of seaweed and guano-based fertilizers, the study of silver nanoparticles to treat diseases, and the development of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Due to its biodiversity, Baja California is immersed in aquaculture, conservation biology, marine biotechnology, marine ecology, microbiology, and oceanography.

Because of this, along with the skilled workforce and competitive costs, Baja California and Tijuana are becoming the top destinations for the Biotechnology and Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, and Contract Manufacturing clusters.

Now that you know how many Biotech companies are in California and why they succeed, are you considering business opportunities in Mexico?

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