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How Tijuana call centers are helping US companies to cope with the uncertain times of coronavirus

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For over 20 years, call centers in Tijuana have been developing successful partnerships with companies in the US. Due to our proximity and similar work culture, we have developed a deep understanding of the needs of the American organizations. In the times of coronavirus, surges a new opportunity for us to stand up for them.

Call centers in Tijuana recognize the global impact of COVID-19. We are closely monitoring reports from the World Health Organization; along with Mexican Federal, State, and local agencies to make sure we adhere to new guidelines relevant to health authority recommendations.

I recently talked to Joe Andere, CEO of Voxcentrix -the company I work for- and he told me that the #1 priority continues to be the health and well being of our most valuable asset, our people, but it is also our time to be here for our partners.

He added, “we are already implementing business continuity plans to guarantee our clients’ operations. In order to be successful, everyone needs to be involved, we are all in this together. The efforts of our teammates, including our IT department, our cleaning crew, our team leaders, operations and everyone involved in supporting this effort has been amazing”.

Like Voxcentrix, most call centers in the city are offering remote solutions now. We are working closely with our partners to find a way to allow our agents to work remotely when possible. Companies need to become more efficient to cope with the hard times.

call-centers-in-tijuana-mexicoIn the times of coronavirus, call centers in Mexico are helping American Brands to stay communicated with their customers. To show empathy. It’s not only about increasing sales, we are also responding to their concerns, rescheduling flights, processing home delivery and many other services.

“Business continuity is the main topic in our conversations with our partners. They are getting more calls than ever. Everything is being done through our phones now, but in times of uncertainty, people value empathy. Brands need to show their human side now” added Andere.

There are many precautions contact centers in Tijuana are taking to ensure their employees’ health and business continuity. Some of them are listed below:

  • Setup of health checkpoints.
  • Frequently clean workstations, doors, headsets, keyboards and other equipment.
  • Distributing employees in different areas, procuring a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters between employees.
  • Scheduling lunch breaks accordingly to avoid large agglomerations.
  • Work from Home programs are being implemented wherever possible.
  • Avoid meetings or use technology to communicate with the team
  • Place information of interest about the virus -like signs about the correct method of hand wash- in bathrooms and common areas.

Over the years, the call center industry in Tijuana has become one of the main sources of employment for bilingual communities in the city. Along with the Tijuana EDC team, other BPO, ITO , manufacturing and professional services companies, are working actively to keep the economy of the city running in these uncertain times.

Our biggest goal: the wellbeing of our people and business continuity for everyone.

Luis Jimenez
Marketing Director for Voxcentrix.

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