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How to help improve talent acquisition in manufacturing companies

Talent acquisition in manufacturing companies to fill job vacancies with highly skilled and well-trained employees, can it be the norm?
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One day talent acquisition in manufacturing companies sees that filling their job vacancies with highly skilled and well-trained employees can be the norm, not just a future goal to achieve, has arrived. Considering your candidates’ life to increase retention rates is not something new to talk about, but which actions can your department take to improve recruiting workflow?

Time to help your talent leader

Manufacturers need to be aware of how potential employees perceive their company. In addition, the entire talent acquisition strategy can improve when good teamwork exists in all company branches.

Finding qualified candidates who will fit well within their organization can be easier if your company is in a trusted ecosystem, in a city known for having access to:

  • Opportunities to have the lifestyle they desire
  • Access to important educational organizations for their professional objectives.

Having a company branch in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico is an excellent option to help your strategic approach to attract future employees.

Benefits of counting with a company branch in Tijuana

Manufacturing has become more competitive than ever before. To attract and retain top talent, companies need to integrate technology and trusted ecosystems in which the talent acquisition strategy has a better percentage of success.

Besides helping your recruiting team that takes part in the hiring process, Tijuana can help companies add benefits to the personal life of their qualified candidate, such as:

  • Opportunity to grow in your organization and professionally thanks to the private and public universities helping your candidates stay in touch and challenged in their career path.
  • Would they need a virtual hiring, training, and onboarding process to transition over the next several months? Tijuana has the infrastructure for their accommodation without sacrificing their lifestyle, connectivity to high-speed internet connections for virtual meetings, gastronomical options, etc.
  • Besides logistical advantages for the company, your candidates can have the experience of a Binational region. In addition, any person can enjoy both sides of the border (if they have all their passports in order) to enjoy national parks, amusement parks, and other recreational activities.
  • The international ecosystem in the Binational region allows for a bilingual predisposition to have better communication with the whole team and their daily personal routine.

Increase your retention rates

Supposing you have seen from previous candidates a lack of motivation for relocating but want a multicultural acceptance of your work culture. In that case, you can find that candidate experience in Tijuana as an international hub allows the talent pool to be aware of the need for multicultural bonds in their work environment.

Tijuana’s Talent pool is immense and full of opportunities. Learn more about the possibilities of having a good balance of talent acquisition and talent retention if your company comes to Tijuana:
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