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How to start a business in Mexico? The experts’ approach

Business advisory, site selection, project management and government liaison: the experts tell you how to start a business in Mexico to reach your goals.
Main topics

When looking for the perfect place to start manufacturing operations, it is natural to think of Mexico as one of the countries that may fit your needs. If for the last months you’ve been wondering how to start a business in Mexico and make it succeed, keep reading to show you the most convenient approach.

At Tijuana EDC, we are experts in the manufacturing cluster and promote the economic development in Mexico. Therefore, we know every aspect with which you need to be acquainted before signing a contract and starting a whole new process that will define the future of your company.

Our approach

When foreign investors consider the option of moving to Tijuana, Mexico, we provide consulting services that range from the company’s location to personnel recruitment. The following are the main services we provide:

Business advisory

Our international business experts advise investors on their manufacturing project. We know our way around, so after analyzing the specifications and requirements of each company, we come up with the perfect solution to each client.

Site selection

Depending on the company’s type of industry, the processes to be carried out, and the scale of the project—among other things—, we determine the best place to be set up. We do this considering all the buildings and industrial parks of the city, the connection to the highways, and the improvements that would have to be performed in order to start operations.

Project management

that-is-why-you-need-the-help-of-expertsIt is not the same to be in charge of your company and to carry out all the processes to set up a company in a foreign country. As much as you would like to manage every detail, there will be things that you won’t be able to control; that is why you need the help of experts in the field to make sure everything is happening as it should.

Professional network

For 30 years, we have built a powerful network of professionals providing the necessary tools to get properly installed in the region. We can hook you up with other experts in the legal, accounting, real estate, human resources, finance and administrative areas.

Government liaison

It is very important to know the benefits that the local, state and federal governments can offer you. This is why we provide the necessary information, and connect you with the people that can guide you through the processes you need to fulfill.

Now that you know how to start a business in Mexico, or at least how the experts do it, we recommend you to contact us. You can reach your company’s full potential with the advice and help of the professionals.

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