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Ignitus Tech-Incubator Hosts Workshop for Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

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workshop2Tijuana EDC’s innovation program, Ignitus, and the Consulate of Mexico in San Francisco hosted a workshop for technological entrepreneurs on February 25, 2016. The event entitled “Scale Up Manufacturing Workshop” was aimed at educating attendees on how to take advantage Mexico´s experienced manufacturing platforms and free trade agreements network to scale manufacturing of a project that is in prototyping stages of development.

The program included representatives from Tijuana contract manufacturing industry who presented their capabilities in processes such as prototyping, manufacturing, and business development that are available in Tijuana´s manufacturing ecosystem for San Francisco entrepreneurial community.

The Ignitus workshop provided answers to the problems faced by many entrepreneurs once they’ve created a prototype – Where to go next? How to manufacture? In which country? How to mitigate patent risk?

Ignitus has direct access to over 100 contract manufacturing companies in Tijuana, with high technological machinery and the experience of providing mfg. solutions to many companies around the world, their processes include: metal mechanic, molding, electronic assembly, manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, general assembly, aerospace, textile, plastic injection.


About Tijuana EDC

The Tijuana EDC is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the city´s industry and facilitating manufacturing companies to establish operations in the region. In order to stay in tune with the market environment and with the goal of doing more for the city of Tijuana, the EDC recently created Ignitus as a platform for innovation in the Tijuana region.

About Ignitus

The main objective of Ignitus is to provide a technology and knowledge transference office, to serve innovation companies, tech centers and private initiatives in California. Ignitus is designed to promote investment in high-impact and technology projects with an emphasis on promoting and ensuring the quality of services provided.

Iginitus is the beginning of a new era for the city of Tijuana – connecting technology, innovation, industry, and technical talent.

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