With more than 50 industrial parks, Tijuana offers a wide range of industrial real estate alternatives from class A to class C buildings with access to reliable public utilities or industrial space available for the construction of your future manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Site Selection

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From class A to class C, Tijuana offers an industrial real estate market of more than 70 million square feet of which more than 3 million square feet is available in manufacturing buildings throughout the city able to meet almost any industrial requirement.


Most of the industrial developers in the city are members of the Tijuana EDC and are registered at the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP). This organization certifies that sites meet with a rigorous list of requirements as specialized industrial infrastructure including utility availability, zoning, environmental and other entitlements and permits, as well as proximity to highways and labor pool areas.

Vesta Business Park
GRUPO EL FLORIDO La Encantada Industrial Park
Grupo El Florido
Girasol Industrial Park
MACQUARIE MEXICAN REIT – Industrial Portfolio in Mexico
IAMSA Valle Bonito
PROLOGIS Alamar Industrial Park
Grupo Cadena
Never been in Mexico?
Never been in Mexico?
We can plan a site selection visit in Tijuana according to your needs; a Tijuana EDC executive can assist you –at no cost- through your site selection diligence research, construction options and operations set-up.


Among the factors contributing to Tijuana´s competitiveness is the affordable cost and availability of reliable utilities offering tailored programs to the industry in the region.



Tijuana Water system. Two main pipelines with a capacity of 5.4 cubic meters per second deliver reliable water service to the city. Water and sewer services supply 98% of total population. Water supply for industrial use covers 100% of demand with an annual connection growth rate of 3%.


The state power grid is comprised by nine generating stations and 28 substations generating an installed capacity of over 3,000 MW. 1,800 MW are assigned for public domestic consumption. Power generation and delivery is a combination of State and privately-owned infrastructure operated by InterGen and Sempra Energy serving Baja California and California markets.


Energy savings for manufacturing industry

With the implementation of Mexico´s Energy Reform Law, Baja California is able to supply low-cost energy through Intergen`s enterprise using CFE’s infrastructure with an initial capacity of 80 megawatts. In its first phase, the program reduced electricity fees by 45% to 50% during peak hours for 16 companies operating in Tijuana and Mexicali including Hyundai de Mexico, Molinera del Valle, Pulidora de Baja California, Fevisa Industrial, Dataproducts Imaging Solutions, Furukawa Mexicana, Fabrica de Papel San Francisco, Pure, and Clear de México among others.

Moreover, the Federal Energy Commission and leading manufacturing firms signed an MOU under which companies will receive advisories on how to optimize energy performance in order to save between 5% and 20% in monthly consumption.

Natural Gas

Two high-capacity natural gas pipelines – Transportadora de Gas Natural and Gasoducto Bajanorte – run through the east and south of the city providing easy access to industrial parks and commercial zones within the city.



Tijuana offers modern telecommunications infrastructure to meet global companies’ requirements for efficient real-time connectivity.

Tijuana boasts 42 registered residential telephone lines per 100 inhabitants and around 85 of every 100 people have access to a cell phone account according to Mexican Telecommunications agency.

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