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Investment, Growth & Contract Manufacturers in California

When looking for investment opportunities, you have to prioritize the growth of your company. Let’s learn more about contract manufacturers in California.
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Offshoring is a great opportunity to grow, expand and get better results for your business. Have you considered it? Maybe you already turned to the West coast and thought of California as a great alternative. If so, you may want to know more about the important aspects such as investment, innovation, and contract manufacturers in California.

Let’s talk about this state’s manufacturing environment as well as other options that you don’t want to miss if you are looking for the ideal place to set up a company.

California’s features


California: the golden state of the United States of America; the place where there is always sunshine and beach, a wonderful city with the perfect weather almost all year long. In addition, innovation, technology, and exportations are among the most interesting qualities in this region regarding business and growth.

But here’s another fact: sunny California isn’t the only state that has all these benefits in one place. South of this state we can find the city of Tijuana, Mexico, with every single benefit mentioned before, and the opportunity to make more profits for your company if you decide to try it.

CaliBaja: the best of both worlds

CaliBaja is a binational region comprised of California (in the U.S.) and Baja California (in Mexico). They cooperate to promote the economic development of both states, as well as to bring up growth and technology improvements. This connection, hence, provides good results for the industry on both sides of the border.

It is said that Tijuana is part of San Diego and vice versa. This happens because of the shared proximity, but also because of the social, cultural, and business relationships they maintain. Regarding the manufacturing environment, there is a substantial difference between doing business in California and doing business in Tijuana, Mexico, and it all comes down to earnings. manufacturing in Tijuana will save up to 40-60% of what you would spend in the U.S.

Contract manufacturers in California

In both Californias, there are companies dedicated to manufacturing all types of products for the industry. Contract manufacturing is one of the strongest markets in Tijuana, with over 100 companies settled and many more doing business with the factories that provide quality, innovation, and great services.

If you get the appropriate information, you’ll discover opportunities that are just as advantageous as California, such as Tijuana. Fortunately, we are the experts in the field; if you require more information in order to make an important decision for your company, contact us.

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