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Major industries in Mexico: manufacturing environment

How is CaliBaja manufacturing? In this article we define this binational mega region and give you enough reasons to be interested in investing in Tijuana.
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Mexico is a wonderful country for many things: its food, landscapes, weather, cities, natural resources, and many more things. Tourists that visit it for the first time marvel at all the things it has to offer. But we would like to add a feature that makes Mexico a great place to live: its manufacturing environment.

The industry in this country has always stood out. The reasons are many too; factors such as the people, the talent, and the location add something to it. If you are curious enough, we will talk about the major industries in Mexico.

As promoters of economic development and the industry in Mexico, we have become connoisseurs of many facts and important information regarding the manufacturing environment.

Nonetheless, there is no need to become an expert to understand that Mexico fabricates products for almost any type of industry and needs. Its quality may be envied by foreign countries, but investors see it as it is: a great opportunity for business.

These are the industries that we consider to be the most successful in Mexico:


When visiting Mexico, foreign investors are impressed by its industrial capacities, the infrastructure, and the results this working country shows. In fact, the Mexican Secretariat of Economy estimated that the aerospace industry in Mexico will occupy one of the first 10 places in the world by 2020.


Unfortunately, many people ignore the potential of Mexico’s manufacturing. For people that are acquainted with it, it is no surprise what the country can do. The automotive cluster has achieved important quality standards and has shown an increase in the market, exports, and production with the help of skilled labor and a strategic location.

Medical device

Last but not least, the medical device industry in Mexico is the #1 in the world. The quality achieved here is based on global standards, which are duly met. Also, Tijuana has become the mecca for medical device manufacturers globally, which is a good reason to start considering this country as an investing destiny for your company.

If you’re interested in more information regarding Mexico’s manufacturing environment, visit our website or contact us to keep guiding you. At Tijuana EDC, we make sure you make the appropriate decision for your company.

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