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Major Occupations in Mexico and Nearshoring: What to Know

Mexico is a great destination for companies looking for nearshoring. What are the major occupations in Mexico? That’s strategic information for companies.
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When it comes to nearshoring, all conditions of the country of destination must be taken into account. From economic stability, to normative frameworks; from security to logistical infrastructure; international companies trying to establish an offshore operation must know what to expect in the new location. One strategic matter is that of talent and occupations because you can have all the capital and frameworks for your new operation, however, you will need people to operate it.

It is no news that economic development in Mexico has allowed it to become one of the best nearshoring locations for companies interested in North America and other markets. However, aside from all the benefits of location; economic stability; normative frameworks; tax exemptions for international companies; and other facilities, there’s also a whole structure for the formation of professionals in universities and the industry itself. To know about the major occupations in Mexico and the talent that can be found here is of utmost importance when choosing a new destination.

Most in-demand jobs for companies in Mexico


According to El Economista, citing multiple sources, companies in Mexico are demanding more and more digital-oriented occupations. For example, according to these sources, the 5 most demanded jobs for 2023 are data scientist; cloud manager; user experience designer; cybersecurity specialist; and artificial intelligence specialist. Also, it is observed that more than university titles, companies look for English-speaking personnel and they evaluate technical tests, work portfolios, and interviews.

In this regard, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers have an advantage over other majors. According to Luciano Concheiro Bórquezel, Undersecretary of Higher Education of the Ministry of Public Education in the country, there are 5.2 million engineering graduates. According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness A.C. (IMCO, for its acronym in Spanish) in the case of industrial engineering alone, over 900 universities in the country offer it, and there are currently more than 350,000 students. This represents business opportunities in Mexico, for companies can tap into these human resources for their operations.

Talent in Baja California: border with the richest state of the United States

High-end manufacturing requires a well-prepared workforce. In Baja California alone, there’s a labor base of more than 17,000 workers (of which, 20% are engineers) and in 2021 more than 3,700 degrees were conferred for the STEM field. The state offers 89 public & private universities, of which 9 have cross-border partnerships in California. The state has three research centers dedicated to scientific research: nanosciences; nanotechnology; & oceanology. There are also over 4,000 registered researchers in the biotechnology area and agricultural sciences in the state.

Particularly, Tijuana has a very young labor force (30 years on average), very capable in areas such as automotive; aerospace; electronic components; medical devices; software development & IT solutions; microphones, headphones & sound speakers; audiovisual electronics; consumer electronics; mechanical assembly; and contract manufacturing solutions; among others. This explains why so many factories are moving to Baja California. There are over 14,000 students enrolled in engineering and technical programs, and 1,400 people graduate annually from engineering in the city alone.

Establishing your business with local talent

If you’re thinking of starting a business in Mexico, it is important to consider the information shared with you about talent and major occupations in Mexico. Particularly, establishing in Baja California represents a big opportunity, for not only Tijuana, but also the binational collaboration with San Diego (which in 2021 had nearly 34,000 workers dedicated to scientific research and development services, and over 23,000 employees in computer systems design and related services) provides a unique combination of expertise, resources, and innovation centers that provide a prime source of talent.

If you are interested in nearshoring and want to exploit this information for business opportunities in Mexico, contact Tijuana EDC’s team of experts; they will help you find the finest talent in Baja California, while providing all the information and help needed to establish your company here.

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