Manufacturing abroad: What do I need to settle in Mexico?


Foreign investors already know that offshoring is a great option for their companies. Although they already know the general benefits of manufacturing abroad, they key question is what is needed to set up a company in Mexico? Well, as you can imagine there is a long list of requirements; we’ll talk about some of the basic things you need to do before setting up a company in Mexico.

Legal requirements

Foreign investment is just like any other business in the country. You need to fulfill all the necessary requirements to be legally formed and with all the permissions to operate. Legal counseling can save from skipping an important step in the relocation process, so it’s important to contact a firm that can guide you and work along with you.

Financial advice

Besides the legal support that every investor needs in order to set up a company in a foreign country, financial advice is just as important. In Mexico, there are institutions in charge of checking the companies contributions. Foreign companies have to fulfill all duties, otherways fees or penalties will be emitted, despite your good intentions to do everything correctly.

Administrative support

Companies should always have administrative support; experts in this area can guide investors and their team, and tell them everything that’s necessary in a company, such as salary and payroll; working hours and holidays; job positions and organizational culture. Every detail is important, so don’t minimize it, since it can cost you your permission to manufacture in Mexico.

Experience providers


There are many aspects to carry out, forms to fulfill, people to contact, plans to make and goals to achieve. Although as an investor you have accomplished all the above, manufacturing abroad is different, and your experience may have to be supported by a team of experts.

At Tijuana EDC, we do this. Our 30-year-old organization is dedicated to promote the economic development of Mexico, specifically in the city of Tijuana, which shares a border with San Diego, California. We have worked with hundreds of foreign investors and maquiladoras in order to give them all the necessary tools to come to Tijuana to set up a company and meet every single requirement.

With our support, companies know they won’t have a problem in this country, since we connect them with experts in every field, so that they can advise and provide services if required. If you want to manufacture in this country and receive all the benefits it includes, don’t hesitate and contact us! We are ready to guide you.