Tijuana offers many benefits for the industry, but the main and most attractive one is the competitiveness due to the low cost manufacturing


Quality at a lower cost

Competitive prices and skilled labor

The salary of workers determines the total cost difference between one country and another.

$11 USD

per hour

Minimum wage in California (US)

$7.25 USD

per hour

Minimum wage in the United States of America:

$88.36 MXN

per day

Minimum wage in Mexico

Less expensive labor does not mean a decrease in quality: at least not in Tijuana, Mexico. Mexican manufacturing is known for including great effort, care and good work.

All benefits included
In Mexico, the Federal Labor Law determines that it is a legal requirement to provide all employees (in addition to the payment of their salary) with social security, vacations and a Christmas bonus. Even with these benefits, the workforce cost is still very low compared to other countries.

Mexico: under the business stare

The benefits of any country at a lower cost

With its low cost manufacturing, Tijuana is among the cities with the lowest total cost of the first 25 export economies, according to the Boston Consulting Group.

In recent years, Mexico has demonstrated its ability to be positioned as one of the most prosperous countries for foreign investment. In addition to factors such as workforce, connection with the world, infrastructure and quality of services, there is the cost that entails installing and maintaining an industry.

Due to Tijuana’s location, if to the factors above we add the speed of delivery and distribution of materials, as well as cost of settlement and permits, savings are even higher and foreign investment in Mexico becomes the best option.

Manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico, represents a lower cost than most countries, including China


Experience and effort

Exceptional work performed by skilled employees

Mexican workforce is requested by companies because they know it means effort, knowledge and good work: placed in the production line, these elements become optimal results, which is what every company seeks when searching for business opportunities in Mexico.

Tijuana is a region of great diversity and multiculturalism. The constant effort of its inhabitants turns into productivity in the works of assembly or manufacture. With the adequate training, employees without previous experience end up highly trained, accelerating the production process or aspiring to more technical activities in which great preparation is needed.

Bilingual employees

English proficiency

According to EF EPI, Tijuana has 49% of English speakers. This is due to the border life carried by many of the citizens, the knowledge of the American culture and the proximity of the crossing to the United States of America.

In some jobs it is required to have a high language level, so that people are prepared to aspire to these positions.


Educational potential

More than 35 private and public universities in the city

The university programs of engineering, technology, business and some other areas have been adapted to the industry to create a graduate profile that encompasses the knowledge and requirements required in a company, as well as encourage the effective resolution of problems and the economic development in Mexico.

Tijuana has several university centers that prepare young people for a future in the industry. It is estimated that there are 14,000 students in technical programs or engineering careers. Likewise, more than 50% of high schools and high schools offer technical education to their students.

Universities with engineering, technology and manufacturing programs

  1. UABC: Aerospace and engineering technology center. International exchange with 138 universities.
  2. CETYS: International exchange program with 109 universities in 25 countries
  3. ITT: First university in the city to offer the Nanotechnology Engineering degree.
  4. UTT: Mechatronics and aerospace wire harness manufacturing programs.
  5. CONALEP: Specialized Technical Development Aerospace Center.

Manufacturing ability

From assembly to specialization

Maquiladoras work under international quality standards. Since workers in Tijuana are skilled and committed, the guidelines are met or even exceeded. People are careful and respectful with the processes, offering the best electronics manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing or contract manufacturing solutions.

Tijuana is known for carrying out advanced manufacturing processes from which excellent results are obtained. The talent and skills of the people make more and more complex processes happen, and also for the innovation cluster to develop. Tijuana is a nest of possibilities for those who dare to rely on the city.

The workforce is one of the most specialized, competitive and less expensive in the world

  • Population: 1.6 million inhabitants
  • 50% men and 50% women
  • Average age: 26 years
  • Young workforce: 195,000 people
  • 50% of Baja California’s population is in Tijuana

Despite being one of the countries with a lower cost paid to workers, the labor is qualified.

Besides the competitive workforce salaries in Mexico, the labor quality in Tijuana is among the first places in the world.