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Maquiladora tour in Mexico with Foreign Investment Experts

Would you like to get a maquiladora tour in Mexico? The business and foreign investment experts in Tijuana offer you site visits and relevant information.
Main topics

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mexico’s reputation for business. If you are an investor and would like to start searching for a new industrial environment, foreign investment could be the best option for you.

At Tijuana EDC, we’re experts in international businesses, and we know everything a company should do in order to be successful in a foreign country. That’s why, if you’re looking for a maquiladora tour in Mexico, we are your reliable option!

Economic development

We are a non-profit organization that promotes the economic development of Tijuana, Mexico. Our services focus on this region because there is a lot to offer. At first, many companies don’t believe the benefits they can get by coming here, but we explain the context of the city and how it is possible to receive unimaginable advantages over the world.

Our 30 years of experience make us the reliable choice to get to know Mexico; we specifically talk about the pros and cons of Tijuana and adapt them to your cluster and needs, so that you can really evaluate the way in which this will help your company.

Tijuana site visits


We want to get closer to investing companies. The reason? They deserve to find an ideal place to settle. Therefore, we offer industry site visits throughout the city so that they can get to know the industrial parks and maquiladoras. During the tour, we also talk about opportunities, infrastructure, the manufacturing environment, and the maquiladora scheme.

We know that the city has to be attractive in order for you to invest; that’s why we add a plus to the visit and show you some of the best places to eat so that you get an idea of how it would be to come here for business (or even live here).

Industrial space

Tijuana has more than 580 maquiladoras and 3.7 million ft² of available space for new manufacturing plants and projects. The characteristics of each space vary, but during our tour, we’ll advise you on the best area to carry out your processes.

Don’t hesitate and contact the foreign investment experts to get a maquiladora tour in Mexico and reach your company’s goals.

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