4th Borderless Business Congress

The outstanding medical device manufacturing in Mexico supplies the globe and improves the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Tijuana: The Mecca for Medical Device Manufacturing

Tijuana has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, which makes us the ideal choice and destination to develop medical device products and components. This experience has given us an incredibly solid base to deliver infallible results.
Starting a business in Mexico is equal to a low cost manufacturing benefit. Tijuana’s excellent manufacturing ecosystem is a combination of competitiveness factors that make the city stand out over the country.
One of these factors is the geographical location: the proximity to the United States helps companies to obtain savings in time and transportation costs.

Worldwide quality

It is important to mention that the quality achieved in the production processes in Tijuana is based on global standards. Tijuana’s workforce is the main element that achieves accurate and timely results, and this is possible thanks to the talent that is forged only in a region like this.
According to the Mexican Secretariat of State Education, 14,000 students in Tijuana are enrolled in engineering careers or technical programs. The city has universities and high schools with programs tailored to the industry, which are related to engineering, technology and manufacturing.
With 50,000 employees, Tijuana is the ideal place for the market of medical devices manufacturing in Mexico.

Binational Region

In a region with all the elements of a Binational Region, it is impossible not to see the eminent benefits of a well-consolidated area like this one. The Binational Region was thought of as a strategy to boost the economic development and growth of the state of Baja California and the San Diego and Imperial counties.
The city hosts the largest concentration of medical device companies; 70% of them are from the US; this percentage reflects the foreign investment and business opportunities in Mexico.
Surgical equipment, catheters, pacemaker’s parts, orthopedic devices, defibrillators and other essential items for global health are manufactured and assembled here.

Permanent services

Being the world capital of medical devices and maquiladoras in Mexico is not just any merit. The city is also prepared to adjust to the needs of the industry, both in administration and infrastructure. Maquiladoras and medical device manufacturing in Mexico get the necessary elements to operate properly.
Therefore, services such as water, electricity and gas are always available in the region, but one thing to consider is that they are also guaranteed for companies looking for the best contract manufacturing solutions.
The characteristics of your company demand priority assistance. At Tijuana EDC we study deeply the different industry clusters, the specifications of each one, and how we can adapt the advantages of this city to the particularities of your business.
Enjoy the long list of benefits you will receive by setting up your business in Tijuana, Mexico