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Music Equipment Manufacturers in Baja: How Do They Work?

Music equipment manufacturers’ line of business demands expertise. They need to get the best products at competitive prices. Learn where and how to do it.
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Music, audio, and sound equipment are some of the most delicate and sophisticated modern technologies. To be able to reproduce music, voice, recordings, or even the sound of films and others, requires some of the most advanced technologies in the world, with companies reaching new horizons year by year.

Electronic, audio, industrial, and many other kinds of engineering are necessary to accomplish this mission and to provide the world with high-end products. Music equipment manufacturers know not many locations have enough highly skilled workers or even the experience to work in the field, but there’s a strategic place right next to the United States that has everything they need.

Keep reading to know where and how these companies work.

Baja California: A Place for Manufacturing

In the last couple of decades, economic development in Mexico has allowed for established and new industries to flourish thanks to investment in infrastructure, education, and international cooperation for global trade. For example, electronics manufacturing in Mexico has grown immensely, particularly in Baja California, thanks in part to the USMCA (United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement) free trade agreement. This treaty allows companies to establish in Mexico under the IMMEX Program, where companies can temporarily import goods.

These conditions, along many others, such as high-skilled labor, logistical facilities, and a privileged location right next to California, turned this state into the #1 exporter of flat-screen TVs; #2 exporter of computers, and most of all, allowed some of the most recognized names in the electronics fields to be located there for manufacturing purposes. Names such as Foxconn, Samsung, and Panasonic are just some of them.

Baja California’s Capabilities and Music Equipment

What musical products are produced in Mexico? Particularly speaking of music equipment manufacturers, several first-class companies installed a big part of their production in Baja California, such as Harman, Paradox Effects, Penn Elcom, Poly, Bose, Skullcandy, and JBL, among others. What’s interesting about this list is that we not only find big international corporations such as Bose or Harman, but also smaller companies like Paradox Effects, which means there are opportunities for different-sized companies.

What makes Baja California such a strategic location for this is mainly local talent and its logistics facilities. The state has a highly-skilled work base of engineers trained in high-level local universities, and also with a lot of experience as many of them have worked in music equipment manufacturing at some point. About the logistical facilities, Baja California has over 120 industrial parks; a seaport near San Diego and Longbeach’s seaport; 5 ports of entry to the USA; and many companies dedicated to international trade and transport.

Starting Your Own Music Equipment Business

If you look into this, you’ll see the potential of working in Mexico. If you’d like to take advantage of all these things for your next venture and you’re interested in business opportunities in Mexico, you ought to know that there are also a lot of companies dedicated solely to helping foreign companies establish themselves in this state. Contract Manufacturing solutions offer a full production plant for foreign or even national companies. In this sense, you could easily start manufacturing if you already have your product defined and designed.

If you want to learn more about this, you should reach us at Tijuana EDC. We are a non-profit organization specialized in helping foreign companies establish in Tijuana and the state of Baja California. With our strong network, we can help you find companies for sheltering yours or even assist you with hiring labor. Contact them to learn more about music manufacturers and all the services mentioned here.

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