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Nearshore Outsourcing Model: The Solution for your Company


Nowadays, globalization has pushed businesses to be smarter. This requires looking out for strategies and options that can improve processes, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness. What if the quality of your company could improve significantly? The nearshore outsourcing model could be the solution you are looking for. Keep reading to know why.

What is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing is the model in which a company decides to set its operations in a nearby country rather than the country of origin. The production processes are transferred to another company, but the contractors still own the rights to the products and finished goods processed in this foreign country.

The services provided by the third-party follow the company’s guidelines and specifications; it is basically as if the original company would be carrying out the manufacturing process by means of an intermediary.

Tijuana: A Nearshore Outsourcing Solution

The United States and Mexico are the best nearshoring example. They are neighboring countries that have always been connected in many ways, and manufacturing is one of the most important. It is known that the costs of setting up a company in cities like Tijuana are even lower than keeping their production in their original city.

Tijuana gives foreign investors an opportunity to grow and expand their business. The results achieved by maquiladoras are the best example of effort, quality, and competitiveness. American companies set up in this city are investing less while receiving a qualified and bilingual workforce,advanced infrastructure, exemption of taxes and duties, aerial and maritime connection, and a unique location.

Nearshoring your Operations


The main reason companies choose nearshoring is because it reduces manufacturing costs to a great degree. Just like we mentioned before, there is usually a nearby country with lower labor costs, as well as features that help make an affordable investment for foreign companies.

Quality is one of the features you should look up when choosing a nearshore destiny. If done right, nearshoring could help you increase earnings while getting the best products and improving manufacturing processes.

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