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P&C MFG Inaugurates New Facilites to Become Part of Tijuana´s Contract Manufacturing Base.

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P&C has opened a new 16,000-square-foot facility in Tijuana as part of its new P&C | MFG initiative. The company’s Tijuana operation will provide HR, quality control and personnel services targeted at the contract manufacturing sector.

Founded in 2008, P&C has quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the HR, quality and personnel services arena specifically targeting the maquiladora industry.

For the last 8 years, P&C has maintained a consistant portfolio of clients in all areas of the manufacturing industry growing with its customers and transforming the nature of their services to suit their clients’ needs. In 2013, the company launched a new brand image as P&C, consolidating their existing services in personnel and HR and adding quality services such as re-work and re-inspection of materials, process audits, certification of finished product and brand representation.

The new operation under the P&C | MFG Brand is taking that success and tailoring services to the contract manufacturing industry. Services will be more specialized and specific to each client while maintaining the overall quality and value that have made the company a success. The firm processed more than 28,000 skilled personell in the past 12 months and the new facility will dedícate 8,000 square feet to the contract manufacturing activity.

The move is expected to position P&C | MFG as the leader in services to the maquiladora industry in the región.