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Reasons to start working with Mexican manufacturing partners

Check out our 6 reasons to start working with Mexican manufacturing partners, and how we can help create these partnerships with our years of experience
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Partnering with Mexican manufacturing companies can be the next level your project is looking for. Growth is a basic goal any business strives for. If there is a strong presence of Mexico in the manufacturing industry, sometimes we have to come up to indicate that basic services such as water supply are guaranteed service, such as electricity, gas, and modern communication infrastructures.

Simple reasons to start working with Mexican manufacturing partners are:

  • Low cost
  • Skilled workforce
  • Free trade agreements
  • Manufacturing clusters
  • Good logistic location and accessibility
  • Experience

Getting your product to market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible should be key. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate sites early on based on the available logistics. If you’re exporting goods, it’s important to ensure there’s easy access to your customer base and that the cost of transporting those materials won’t cut into any potential cost savings.


Hundreds of companies have chosen Tijuana to prosper, it is natural that the city has already invested in its own development to get the better for every single one of those companies, to get ensure long-term stability. The most known industries manufacturing in Mexico are Aerospace, Automotive, Medical devices, Electronics, Home Appliances & Furniture. If your project or company is among that group, the clusters will be already ready for you to get into the team to see how they can help you with an easier transition.

An educated workforce is also part of the growing government-backed up programs, which involve university students given the professional relationship with manufacturing companies with the first-hand experience. Due to these partnerships, foreign investments are encouraged in Mexico. Growing with a diversified market is thanks to part of the free trade agreements.

Here at Tijuana EDC, we recommend checking to settle in Tijuana, Mexico. We have worked for over 30 years advising foreign companies to settle properly their company in the region. We have seen it implies additional benefits because this area seeks government collaboration to generate plans and programs to promote foreign investment. Coming into contact with several companies that are ready to partner up, is part of our goal.

Our team is interested in letting the companies obtain that growth by believing in our country. Creating new companies in Mexico benefits business owners, as well as the community, since stable jobs are created.

Get in contact with our organization to see how we can guide you through this process. Our partner members are also ready to take your business goals and meet them.

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