Starting an aerospace company in Mexico: pros and cons


If you are considering starting an aerospace company and you want to do it in Mexico, let us tell you there are a few things to keep in mind.

Starting a company in general is not an easy task: it requires a lot of effort and time. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, these elements increase to a much greater degree, and it becomes necessary to be careful and make smart choices for the sake of your company.

Since we are experts in the field, we will help with your important decision by sharing the pros and cons of manufacturing in Mexico.

Location: the underrated key to success

You may know it already, but it is important to mention it as many times as necessary: the chosen location could determine the future of your company. If you want it to succeed, our advice is to find a nearshore location. Good news! Mexico meets that requirement.

Nearshoring gives you the advantage of reducing your traveling times and the shipping costs. For example, the city of Tijuana has access to four nearby seaports, and is one of the best cities for aerospace manufacturing in Mexico.

Infrastructure: an essential feature on your list

It is impossible to choose a place without analyzing the elements that can be useful and benefitting, as well as the things it lacks of. Considering the city’s infrastructure is essential for your company; if it’s not ready for the processes you’re about to carry out, it will slow you down.

The best advice is to settle down in a city that has all the required elements, so that you don’t have to make an investment you were not considering in your expenses.

Manufacturing: quality everywhere

manufacturing-in-mexico-is-always-an-excellent-optionOne thing is certain: manufacturing in Mexico is always an excellent option. The Mexican workforce is skilled and careful with every type of process, providing quality and increasing the value of your products.

Aerospace market in Mexico: a taking-off industry

Mexico’s aerospace market promises a clear forecast, since the Mexican Secretariat of Economy estimates that by 2020, the aerospace industry in Mexico will occupy one of the first 10 places worldwide.

Most of the country’s aerospace companies are located in Tijuana, and the city has shown growth in the cluster for the past years; this is definitely a positive feature for aerospace companies.

Costs: your destiny is right here

By any standards, if the cost is the most important thing, this is definitely the right place for you. Mexico is one of the countries with low cost manufacturing processes. Compared to China and other manufacturing clusters in Asia, Mexico provides a better quality because it is considered the most important thing to achieve.

That’s how starting an aerospace company in Mexico is like. If you are interested in this cluster and want to give Mexico an opportunity, contact us to share the information you are need.