Stay ahead of market demands building your mobility company with the automobile industry experience


Support development of technologies and services for a better outcome for the future of mobility. Integrating solutions which already have proven successful in the automobile industry is a smart way to start. Learning from the past to build a path for a better future can provide efficient management of traffic.

Using the automobile industry experience into the future of mobility

A cross-functional approach gives the advantage of working with experts in creating a working automobile, with its standardized requirements and safety details taken into the best outcome.

Having to reinvent the wheel is no easy task, so observing the business opportunities and mobility uses should not be taken as a problem or a loss of business. Instead, as an opportunity to create solutions that are safer, sustainable, productive, and connected to the users.

The industry has been accustomed to molding their customers to their product, even if they create focus groups to ask people what they want, is not the same as watching in action what they actually choose, what they actually need.

Have the right network to thrive in the mobility industry

Companies see additional competitors as a redistribution of revenues, when a new change occurs in the existing market, a growing market shows that adaptability is the most important asset anyone could have or acquire.

Things to consider to have a better outcome when building the foundations of a mobility company:


  • Disruption causes changes and changes create a sea of potential to be exploited.
  • Working with successful established companies that have already shown to adapt to structural changes can be powerful allies.
  • Become specific if you will provide components for new mobility technology or a completely functional product.
  • Contemplate the relationship available with universities that are open to building on the curriculum of their students around the needs of your industry sector.

Work with an experienced team of soft landing services for manufacturing operations

For 30 years, Tijuana has been prepared to become one of the ideal destinations for emerging industries in need of manufacturing facilities. The experience of these three decades has given the city an incredibly solid base with which is possible to deliver infallible results.

Tijuana’s excellent manufacturing and relationship with its universities, create a Binational ecosystem that creates a combination of factors that make the region stand out over the country.

Tijuana already contemplates spaces for companies dedicated to Life sciences, Medical devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Big Data management, Aerospace, and Defense, among others.

Become a part of these companies that are making progress on their goals, forging alliances, and seeing the advantages that this area has for them.

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