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The benefits of the Mexican manufacturing industry in Tijuana

Tijuana is one of the cities in which the Mexican manufacturing industry is booming. Take advantage of this binational region for your next project.
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The Mexican manufacturing industry has been booming for some time. The creation of legal settlements for the transportation of raw materials and the logistics of international export has been giving Mexico a good strategic geographical location for business. Among the several cities of Mexico, that have manufacturing strength, such as Guadalajara or Monterrey, we choose to talk about Tijuana.


The city of Tijuana is a geographic location which it allows a perfect and low-cost logistics flow of raw materials and transportation of the manufacturing goods to international shipment facilities. The U. S. borders near the facilities can provide a logistics heaven. Besides, industrial parks are easy to find in the city. These clustered manufacturing facilities can provide well-organized networking for the better optimization of business flow, either for assembling or creation of the several parts the final product might require.

Due to the high degree of maquila workforce in the city, Universities have the proper connection with the work environment for a better prepared professional. The specialized workforce is a unique and high-quality opportunity to take advantage of. The university and the maquilas aren’t the only places where a good relationship occurs. The city understands and lives the closeness with the U. S. and has English as a second language as a must to learn in their schools. The university enforces all its graduates to have a high level of English (spoken and written), which allows for better communication with the collaborators, and less of a cultural shock to be experienced.

In Tijuana EDC, we call this binational region: CaliBaja. It comprises Baja California, San Diego County, and Imperial County in California. It has more than 90 universities and colleges. These intertwined partnerships have created more than 3.8 million jobs. It is a remarkable accomplishment of years of hard work and international friendship.

There are 11 countries that take advantage of duty-free supply access, why would your company miss out on it?

Another good aspect to take into account: Competitive costs and Tax exemptions. At Tijuana EDC, we provide support to help out in the hard task of finding the perfect location to install a manufacturing plant. We will guide you to get the necessary benefits to prosper. Get in contact with us for more information.

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