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Tijuana: #1 Place for Medical Device Manufacturing in Mexico

Have you been looking for the best place to set up a company? Tijuana is the #1 place for medical device manufacturing in Mexico and here we tell you why.
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Medical devices are an important industry, not only because of the size of the global market but also because of the role it represents in healthcare worldwide. If you have a company in this cluster, it is important as well to look for alternatives that can improve your production processes, exportations, costs, and more.

When looking for a better place to grow your business, Mexico is the best option. As for the cities, it is essential to get to know options and consider alternatives. At Tijuana EDC we save up your time and let you know that Tijuana is the #1 city for medical device manufacturing in Mexico.

Tijuana: The Medical Device Mecca


Although belonging to different countries, Tijuana (in Northern Mexico) is just minutes away from San Diego (in the U.S.). Due to this, and many more reasons, the experts agree that Tijuana is the medical device manufacturing capital, not only of Mexico but of North America.
It has more than 30 years of experience building the perfect environment to get infallible results. There are also 50+ medical device firms in the region, which has allowed them to achieve production with no precedent, compared to other countries and states.

According to a KPMG study in 2014, Mexico was ranked as one of the lowest-cost countries among 14 analyzed, and also provided more than 18.7% cost advantage compared to the U.S. and other countries in South America and Europe. As for Asian countries, Mexico’s costs were slightly higher than, for example, China; despite this, Tijuana’s nearshore location to the U.S. provides better logistics and quicker access to the West Coast, as well as several major international seaports and airports.

Products & quality: the best in the world

Tijuana’s medical device manufacturing offers a wide range of products, such as the following: dentures, electronic thermometers, hemodialysis components, infusion pumps, IV administration sets, lenses, nebulizers, orthopedic braces, oximeters, pacemakers, stent systems, surgical kits and equipment, urinary catheters, wheel chairs, x-ray film marking systems and much more.

In this city, companies are certified under ISO, FDA, and more international regulations and standards that maintain the quality of the final goods, as well as every step of the process. This also means that employees are used to maintaining a workflow under these guidelines. Tijuana’s workforce is very talented, careful, and more than qualified to get impeccable results.

We have provided some information to give you an idea of the reasons why Tijuana is the #1 place for medical device manufacturing in Mexico. If you are interested and would like to get more facts, visit our Medical Manufacturing section. You can also contact us directly to address specific questions; we will happily guide and advise you on the subject.

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