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What Are Mexico Environmental Regulations for the Industry?

Do you want to know more about Mexico environmental regulations for the industry? Consider these important rules in order to set up a plant in this country.
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Setting up in a foreign country can get many benefits for your company, but those advantages come with responsibilities too. Do you want to know more about Mexico’s environmental regulations for the industry? At Tijuana EDC we will tell you more about it.

Environmental Laws in Mexico

In Mexico, there are government institutions in charge of regulating practices that benefit or harm the environment. Specifically, the Secretariat for Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA) are the institutions that set guidelines for the economic sector.


These are some of the regulations that companies must follow in order to protect and take care of the environment:

  • Air pollution levels: In Mexico, the emission of particles that cause air pollution should be monitored in order to stay lower than the permitted level. Companies should follow the regulations and have the appropriate equipment to control these emissions.
  • Water pollution: Regarding the discharge of wastewater, there are specific regulations that establish the maximum levels of wastewater allowed for certain types of industries, in order to prevent and control the pollution of water in Mexico.
  • Chemical agents: There are processes and measures to carry out and consider in order to prevent health risks when being exposed to harmful chemical agents.

Although there are many more regulations to take into account, it is also important to consider that these regulations may change depending on the type of industry: automotive, medical device, electronics, etc. Your company should follow these regulations in order to protect a beautiful country like Mexico, as well as to maintain the health of Mexican workers.

Regulations in Tijuana

The regulations for the industry are usually the same in any city, but sometimes it changes due to the levels of pollution in a few cities in the country. Despite of this, companies should be more conscious of climate change and do their part to respect the environment, follow regulations, launch efforts towards sustainable energy and pollute less.

The advantage of a city like Tijuana is that you can get advice and solutions from experts in the area. At Tijuana EDC, we advise foreign companies so that they carry out all the necessary processes to comply with the law and to have a successful operation in Mexico. Contact us to get more information.

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