4th Borderless Business Congress

What are the benefits of setting up a business in Mexico?


When searching for a foreign country to trust, every investor has to focus on every aspect that can be used in their favor, from the tiniest detail to the major advantage that —all together— can have a meaningful impact on the company.

Mexico has emerged as a successful place for manufacturing processes. Countries like China and India have been left behind because of the earnings companies are getting by choosing a not-so-far-away place. So, what are the benefits of setting up a business in Mexico?

Aspects to consider

Factors as basic as time, quality, and flow are not usually on top of the list when deciding for a country to start a business. Nevertheless, when putting things on the scale you will find out that finding balance is the key to great results.

Its sharing border with the US, ideal manufacturing and delivery flow, and less waste are some of the reasons why many companies are deciding to set up their business there. Let us talk to you about the benefits of this country.

  1. Time
    Do you imagine the consequences of reducing your manufacturing and delivery time? A country like Mexico makes this possible. For example, Tijuana, located in Baja California, just south of San Diego, has an unbeatable location: it’s on the coast and you can cross to the US in less than an hour (depending on the traffic). This allows you to deliver quality to the US without having to travel long distances.
  2. Waste
    Shorter distances equal less waste: as simple as that. Whether you decide to send your finished goods by truck, airplane, or ship, nearshoring will significantly reduce fuel, along with its costs.
  3. Quality
    Looking for low-cost manufacturing options and quality at the same time? Mexican labor is among the most talented ones at an affordable cost. They can deliver.
  4. Costs
    Perhaps, in the end, it’s all about costs, but in Mexico, you will see that all the elements are balanced. A low-cost manufacturing production with more quality and less waste is always welcome.

If these benefits convinced you to go ahead and take the opportunity of starting a business in Mexico, contact Tijuana EDC. You’ll be in touch with business experts that will let you know if this is the right place for you.