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What Are the Top Aerospace Processes in Mexico? A Summary


What are the top Aerospace processes in Mexico? Even though aerospace manufacturing in Mexico is relatively young, Mexico has made a major leap in its industrial capabilities. In addition, thanks to the business and location advantages, companies have settled here to improve processes and get better results.

Here, we will give you a brief summary of the Mexican Aerospace ecosystem so that you can understand why so many companies are relying on nearshoring to get the quality and supply chain they deserve.

Mexico’s Aerospace Ecosystem


Did you know that Rockwell Collins is a company that has been working in this sector in the state of Baja California since the 60s? There must be an important reason for this to happen. According to the Mexican Aerospace Industry Federation (FEMIA), the Aerospace industry had a 14 percent average annual export growth from 2004-2019, and accumulated approximately 6 billion dollars in direct foreign investment from 2007-2017.

By mid-2022, there were 368 manufacturing firms and organizations dedicated to this sector, compared to 100 in 2004, of which 48% were American companies, and 36% were Canadian. Baja California is the number one state, being a pioneer in the sector in Mexico and concentrating 125 Aerospace firms (such as Safran, Honeywell, and Cubic) and 37,000 jobs (out of 55,000 in the country). So what are the top Aerospace processes in Mexico?

Top Aerospace Processes and Capabilities

As mentioned before, Mexico has built a strong industrial network to keep attracting companies and deliver the best results. In the aerospace field, the country has been specializing in more processes to deliver top finished goods, from small components, parts, and harnesses, to airframes, flight surfaces, drones, and light control assemblies.

In addition, thanks to the capabilities of many companies, the country has been able to manufacture almost every component of an airplane, such as fuselages, wire harnesses, seats, and electronic devices; even turbine systems are being manufactured in Mexico by GE and Rolls Royce.

Based on a survey of over 70 companies operating in Baja California, these are the top capabilities and processes:

  • Electronics: PCB assembly; surface mount technology; cable & harnesses; system build; electromechanical and components assembly; & avionics systems.
  • Interiors: Seat manufacturing; cabins; & module integration
  • Metal mechanics: CNC machining; manual welding; sheet metal fabrication; valves & ducts; plasma cutter; & nacelles
  • Aerostructures: Engine mold fixture; carbon fiber manufacturing; carbon fiber structures; & structure assemblies for small airplanes
  • Plastics: Injection molding; & mold fabrication
  • Component assembly: Metal mechanic; engine components; & sub assembly integration
  • Special treatments and processes: Chemical processes; wind tunnel (largest in Latin America); non-destructive testing; design & engineering.

How Can You Benefit From Mexican Industrial Capabilities?

Having a strong supply chain, formalized in Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 suppliers, there are many business opportunities in Mexico for manufacturing and assembly plants. According to the International Trade Administration, these are some of the best prospects for products and services in the Aerospace industry:

  • Thermoforming and hydro-forming
  • Surface treatments
  • Nitro-carburized materials and nitrocarburizing
  • Composites (carbon fiber)
  • Metal treatments and metal raw materials
  • Aerospace molding
  • Special tooling
  • Sand casting
  • Specialized Aerospace services

Baja California: The Best Location for Your Next Aerospace Venture

Why are so many factories moving to Baja California today? Be it Starting a business in Mexico with a legal presence or through contract manufacturing solutions, Baja California is your best option:

  • It is the number one state in the country regarding the Aerospace industry
  • It has great connectivity with California and the rest of the USA through international airports, seaports, and highways in California
  • Its vast experience sheltering international companies and assisting them in working with its IMMEX/Maquiladora programs allows for a quick and efficient nearshoring experience

If you want to learn more about how to start your next Aerospace venture in Baja California, contact Tijuana EDC’s specialized business consulting and logistics team.