What is the Cali Baja Mega Region? Cooperation for Business


There are good places in the world to do business. But as an experienced businessperson, you cannot just settle for a good result; you keep looking until you find what is best for your company. Therefore, you may have heard of a great place, the cradle of technology and manufacturing. What is the Cali Baja mega region? Let’s explore it.

Cali Baja: Economic Potential & Manufacturing Strength

Cali Baja is a place but also a strategy: physically, it is formed by the state of California, in the United States, and the state of Baja California, in Mexico. These both Californias are extremely connected, only separated by one of the most important borders internationally, which does not stop them from working together to seek growth.

The Cali Baja initiative started in 2008. They wanted to form a society focused on promoting the industrial sector of both sides of the border, which would lead them to create a unique manufacturing and research environment and benefit both regions. Today, this joint cooperation of powerful counties like San Diego and Imperial, together with the attributes of Baja California, have impacted positively in the economy and investment opportunities of the region.

Tijuana: A Mega Business Opportunity

what-is-the-cali-baja-mega-region-cooperation-for-businessCali Baja is one of the leading regions in many areas such as innovation, technology, science, research and many more. It helps strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of Baja California, but at the same time it is boosted by the manufacturing success of this state. For example, the city of Tijuana, which is part of the Cali Baja region, has been one of the motors that drive investment and growth to this strategy.

Tijuana is one of the world’s manufacturing destiny, and not just for any reason. It provides the most qualified workforce while covering a wide range of industries. The cost of investing in a city with all the benefits of Tijuana is very low compared to other places, and the list of benefits keeps growing. If you add it that it belongs to a powerful region like Cali Baja, and that it is San Diego’s neighbor, you probably do not question anymore the benefits this place can bring to your business.