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Where to Find Companies with Quality Contract manufacturing in Tijuana


Contract manufacturing in Tijuana has been in the industry for more than 30 years. This city in Mexico provides services to many different industries such as electronics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and many others, besides having a strong collaboration with other cities and countries. All thanks to the logistical advantage of its location.

Tijuana’s industry employs more than 20,000 people who work hard to meet the demands of their clients, promoting speed and flexibility for taking advantage of the benefits Tijuana has for Foreign Investors. How can your pursuit of a quality contract manufacturer in Tijuana help your business meet your goals?

The effects of the international climate on contract manufacturing


Companies that have outsourced manufacturing to other countries have seen themselves looking to move some or all of their operations back to the United States. This trend is driven by the volatility in the cost and availability of shipping containers due to international relationships. For many reasons, having operations back in the United States could be far from attainable, making its neighboring country such as Mexico, the place to build an advantageous business network.

Tijuana EDC has already seen successful cases of a variety of international business relationships, building a healthy business network in which everybody wins. In Tijuana, you can find a variety of options ranging from assembly, packaging, and turnkey services.

Reason enough for Tijuana to have a significant consideration on your plans to obtain contract manufacturing services.

Looking at the advantages provided by contract manufacturing in Tijuana

Tijuana’s industry provides flexible manufacturing solutions, under internationally recognized quality standards, and also offers services including logistics, distribution, warehous­ing, packaging, assembly, test­ing, inspection, and certi­fication. Therefore, Tijuana has become the leading city in many different industries, including:

  • Production of medical devices
  • Plastics processing
  • Contract metal fabrication
  • Third-party electronics assembly

These companies comply with government rules and regulations including those outlined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and count on Binational relationships with companies able to provide ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) in San Diego or other cities in California, USA.

Obtain the benefits of manufacturing in Tijuana with Business Experts

Find companies with quality contract manufacturing in Tijuana with Tijuana EDC. We are excellent business consultants in the industrial field worldwide. Our expertise allows us to analyze the different industries, the specifications of each, and how we can adjust the advantages of this city for the particularities of your company.

In Tijuana EDC, our team provides consulting, connection, and follow-up services to help out in the difficult task of finding the perfect place to set up a manufacturing plant. We understand the main factors to consider when choosing the right location, and we’ll guide you to get the required benefits to succeed in a foreign city. We offer consulting, connections, and follow-up services to make sure your company gets everything it needs to settle properly in a new country and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by this market.