Why do companies move their businesses to Mexico? Tijuana


Why do companies move their businesses to Mexico? This is a common question for many investors around the world. If companies are in their original country and they’re doing fine, why would they choose somewhere else? Well, it is no secret that Mexico is one of the best countries to set up a manufacturing company. The results it can provide are outstanding and beyond expectations.

Moreover, each city in Mexico provides a unique scenario for business; they have different features, and that changes their elements to a greater or lesser extent. Over the years, Tijuana has become a manufacturing city, one of the best places to produce and get great results. Here, we will address some of the reasons companies choose Mexico, and also why you should choose Tijuana.

Why Mexico?


Many companies have relied on Mexico to start a business. Why? The answer is to succeed. Mexico’s geographic location and its proximity to the US are an extra feature that no other country could possibly match. Companies can cross the border to deliver products or go to the nearest seaport to receive raw materials or to send finished goods.

Besides the location, Mexico’s infrastructure is advanced. The government supports industry and manufacture, so they make efforts to improve the conditions in the country and, hence, increase business opportunities.

Also, there are important features companies have considered in order to trust Mexico as their destination country:

  • Macroeconomic stability
  • Low inflation
  • Size and strength of the domestic market
  • Economic growth rate
  • Capacity to produce
  • Network of Free Trade Agreements
  • Political and financial stability
  • Productivity
  • Tax revenues
  • Employment rate
  • Open economy
  • Export power

Why Tijuana?

Manufacturing in Tijuana includes all of the above mentioned and even more benefits. As San Diego’s neighbour city, close to three international airports and four seaports, part of the CaliBaja region and skilled force provider, Tijuana is at the top of the list of manufacturing cities.

As economic promotes of this city, we believe in the power it has to make foreign companies succeed. If you need more reasons to know why you should choose this place, contact us and we will give you all the information.